25 Drawing Room Ideas For Your Home In Pictures

25 drawing room design ideas (2)

A drawing room makes the first impression of your entire home on your guests and can give a warm welcome to them with its decor and style. If you already have a living room for more low-key activities, your drawing room can act as a more formal and sophisticated setting for hosting and entertaining guests. When you start your drawing room remodelling, think about the place’s overall purpose as it should give more formal feel. You can embellish the drawing room by creating color variants, color patterns and designs. By making use of different assets, one can enhance a drawing room. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the core concepts and design styles as it should reflect your taste, choice and lifestyle. Finally, be sure to add some personality to the room by including fun decors, such as curtains, rugs artwork and lighting. The drawing room would certainly be the most likely one such room where you will put your heart and soul for choosing a core theme and style.

Following are some essential designing concepts for you to create an ultimate formal drawing room.

Set the Mood with Color

The colors you choose for your drawing room will affect how guests feel in that place. Colors can relax or energize the space, depending on how warm or  cool and intense the colours are.

A serene scheme of soft colors makes the drawing room feel calm, collected and sober. Generally it is preferred to use subtle  and earthy colors  that will make a gracious setting in your traditional drawing room for elegant gatherings. Whereas you can play with bright and bold colors if you want to design a contemporary drawing room and your area is large enough to hold their boldness.

Finish the Walls and Ceilings

Traditionally, drawing room walls receive more formal or elaborate treatment than other rooms in your house because this room is at public space and the most formal one. To make it welcoming that reflects your personality, choose wall treatments or coverings that reflect your distinct style. The wallpaper brings texture and warmth to the walls and gives them a classic look.

Stylish & Comfortable Flooring

According to the functionality of your drawing room as a formal and public place, choose a floor that provides comfort underfoot and makes a design statement. If you do not prefer a bold floor, choose neutral colored solid flooring that allows attention to focus on art or furniture. Hardwood floors with bright colored area rugs are one of the most common and popular choices for drawing room floors, but stone tile, ceramic tile and full carpeting work too.

Create a Focal Point

Use a fireplace as your focal point by opting for a sophisticated and eye-catching mantel. Adding a fireplace mantel is certainly a worthy investment that will give an elegant, homey and formal feel. A marvelous piece of art or a beautiful view can also serve as drawing room’s focal point.

Arrange Furniture for Conversation

The most basic asset in a drawing room is the furniture i.e. sofas, chairs and tables. A drawing room is a gathering place, so use furniture arrangement that helps in promoting interaction and conversation. Pull seating articles away from the walls and arrange them to face each other. If you have a spacious drawing room, break it into two separate conversational groups for a more intimate and comfortable feeling.

Plan for Inviting Lighting

Lighting in a drawing room should be geared toward creating an elegant, comfortable and relaxed ambiance. With the ideal and proper lighting you can easily set the mood in the drawing room. There are unlimited lighting options to brighten up the drawing room i.e. pendant lights, sconces, chandelier ,table or floor lamps in many styles from nostalgic traditional to cutting edge contemporary. To ensure good distribution of illumination try to position light sources so they form a rough triangle.

Dress the Windows

A drawing room is the place exhibiting luxury, grandeur, extravagance and elaboration. Although heavy window treatments are a past practice but elegance comes from the generous use of fabric in the curtains and draperies. It’s not a compulsion to always use fancy curtains, simple yet elegant fabric with thick folds can successfully communicate luxury.

Accessorize with Art and Collections

Drawing room walls become active, functioning and alive and when you use them to display painting, photographs or collections that you love. Group paintings for impact, and hang them at height low enough to relate to nearby architecture or furnishings. The most common mistake in hanging art pieces is putting them too high. Make sure your art goes with the overall elegant theme and style of your drawing room to create a harmonious environment.

Check out the following 25 drawing room designing ideas and get inspired.

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