24 Products That Are Just Plain Weird


Here’s a list of top 24 products which are plain weird and shouldn’t exist. But oh well, here you go, enjoy the list.

24. Fake Wishbones

24. Fake WishbonesThanksgiving means breaking a wishbone and making a wish. Well, you can buy these instead of the whole turkey.

23. Full-Body Knitted Suit

23. Full-Body Knitted SuitWhy does this exist and for what reason is that person wearing it?

22. Assault Rifle

22. Assault RifleSome sort of anti-arms campaign or does this guy really like pink?

21. Bread Gloves

21. Bread GlovesYup, just grab everything and start eating it with your gloves.

20. Pizza-Scented Fragrance

20. Pizza-Scented FragranceTalk about some delicious scent which will take you to the pizza land.

19. Coat of Hugs

19. Coat of HugsFeeling lonely? Get this coat and treat yourself.

18. Filter your farts

18. Filter your fartsFarting, and that too, a smelly fart can be a major turn off. Use this to filter your farts.

17. Paper Bag for Ugly People

17. Paper Bag for Ugly PeopleWell, you can use this to humiliate a person, that’s for sure.

16. Spicy and Weird Love life

16. Spicy and Weird Love lifeWe don’t even know why this exists.

15. Pillow – What the heck

15. Pillow – What the heckOr for that matter, why this one exists.

14. On-the-top Bloody Mary

14. O-the-top Bloody MaryGoing a bit too extreme, don’t you think?

13. JELL-O

13. JELL-OThanks to whoever created it; we now actually have a bacon flavored JELL-O.

12. A Louis Vuitton waffle iron

12. A Louis Vuitton waffle ironRegular waffles probably don’t taste this good, eh?

11. A cupcake poncho

11. A cupcake ponchoForget about why it exists, it costs $89!

10.  Non-stick frying pan

10.  Non-stick frying panThat’s taking your denim infatuation a bit too far, no?

9. Gum Flavor

9. Gum FlavorWant some? Probably all of it?

8. Make crafts using cat hair

8. Make crafts using cat hairFinally here’s a way to dispose off your cat hair by making some awesome things out of it.

7. Cycling outfit

7. Cycling outfitNow you can cycle in style with this outfit; the Pee Wee Herman cycling outfit.

6. Burnt out headlight?

6. Burnt out headlightLoved posing as a pirate while you were young? Be a grown up pirate!

5. Pet-mopping shoes

5. Pet-mopping shoes.Ummm, are they really effective? If yes, then we want some too.

4. Juice boxes that are cameras

4. Juice boxes that are camerasName is Bond, James Bond and this juice box ain’t just a juice box.

3. Chocolate-dipped nacho cheese Doritos

3. Chocolate-dipped nacho cheese Doritos.Things just got serious mate!

2. Gaming in Bathroom

2. Gaming in BathroomYou know what they say; best records are made while pooping.

1. An iPhone app

1. An iPhone appThis app does nothing; yes you read that right; nothing at all.


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