12 Places Google Earth Doesn’t Want You To See

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Google Earth has had its advantages and disadvantages since its debut. While it is a great way to see parts of the world that most of us can never travel to, it also leaves us exposed to the rest of the world. There is no telling who could be looking at us or when we might be captured and left exposed to the whole world.

Luckily, anyone (including governments around the world) can file to have just about any location blurred. Google has respected the requests of many people and even some countries have had their secret locations blurred or removed from the view of Google Earth. Some locations are private properties, some are fast food joints, while some are governmental, such as nuclear facilities or airbases. Other locations are entire islands, regular people’s houses and some are even residential and governmental, such as the Dutch royal palaces. Here are some locations that you’re not allowed to see on Google Earth.

1. 2207 Seymour Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio, United States
41.472554, -81.697886
hidden_google_earth (6)

This censored image is the home of Ariel Castro, who kept three women imprisoned inside for more than a decade until their escape in May 2013. The house was demolished three months later but remains blurred in the aerial and street views.

2. Colonel Sanders’s Face, Every KFC

hidden_google_earth (6)

Google Earth is prevented from showing the face of any real person, living or dead. This explains why the face of Colonel Sanders (who actually existed), is blurred out on every KFC logo.

3. Army Logistics Command Headquarters Building

25.047424, 121.591454
hidden_google_earth (5)

This military logistics headquarters in China is blurred for obvious reasons.

4. Valencia City

7.907765, 125.092966
hidden_google_earth (5)

Most of this large city, with a population of 160,000, is pixelated even when you zoom in. It might just be an oversight, but it’s hard to over look and entire city.

5.Personeelsvereniging Tankwerkplaats

Amersfoort, Netherlands
52.122640, 5.357492
hidden_google_earth (4)

This is the location of a Dutch tank manufacturer, and is censored in the Army-camouflage way for obvious reasons.

6. Volkel Airbase

Uden, Netherlands
51.654597, 5.686496

hidden_google_earth (4)

The Volkel Airbase has been rumored to hold nukes since the 1960’s which was later confirmed by the prime minister, Ruud Lubbers, in 2013. An understandable reason to censor the airbase.

7. Severnaya Zemlya

Russian Arctic
79.944966, 95.014199

hidden_google_earth (3)

A large archipelago with an area of 14,000 square miles that is uninhabited by humans. Why would this be censored? The case is unclear and people have been speculating the censorship of this place.

8. The Faroe Islands

Denmark/The North Atlantic Ocean
62.118920, -6.919588

hidden_google_earth (3)

Another suspicious area that has been blurred out. Admittedly, nothing much happens in terms of people in this area, but that does not explain why the borders of the islands can’t be sharpened out.

9. Gab?íkovo Power Plant

Gab?íkovo, Slovakia
47.884081, 17.541023

hidden_google_earth (2)

The switch yard of the power plant is censored for obvious reasons, but it’s done in such a way that you almost don’t notice it at first glance.

10. Chekhov

Near Moscow, Russia
55.148392, 37.479011

hidden_google_earth (2)

The street view of this city with a population of 60,000 is perfectly visible, but switching to bird’s eye view will reveal that it’s all blurred. What makes it stranger is that the town of Chudinovo, 5.5 km to the east, is perfectly visible.

11. The Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands
52.373154, 4.891227

hidden_google_earth (1)

Several of the buildings that are related to the Dutch royal family have been censored. But even the Royal Palace was censored with a lot of care, as if someone took the time to blur each pixel instead of just obscuring the entire image.

12. Marcoule Nuclear Site

Chusclan, France
44.144520, 4.706259

hidden_google_earth (1)


This giant atomic energy site uses plutonium and uranium oxides and was the scene of an explosion in 2011. So it is censored for obvious reasons.


  1. Lynn Tilson Reply

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  2. Paul Reply

    On Bing Maps, almost all of these are not censored! Even the air base isnt censored at all.

  3. Patrick Reply

    I am not sure that Colonel Sander’s face is blurred on purpose, Google uses automatic face recognition software to blur all faces out, even if they are cartoons or not faces at all, just patterns that look to the software like faces.

  4. DAHLQUIST Reply

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  5. x00r Reply

    9: Is pretty stupid…

    Gab?íkovo, Slovakia
    47.884081, 17.541023

    It not more than 40 km away from my house and i pass it when visiting my mother… There is nothing secret and it is also a great public place to walk around on a nice day. It makes no sense why it is hidden.

    Here is it on a photo from 2009: http://img3.rajce.idnes.cz/d0303/3/3925/3925496_9163d58c5dd49cbad08bc1ef94fc7d98/images/067_Gabcikovo.JPG

    Probalby FAKE, as i can see it clearly:


    It would amaze me if it is hidden only from people not coming from Slovakia…

  6. Andrei M. Reply

    just use bing 🙂 Never though I would say that haha. Bing maps are not censored…most of them.

  7. abuzalzal Reply

    Valencia City is where the Philippine Government keeps the missile defense program started in the Aquino 2 Admin.

  8. Zai Reply

    Many gas/oil fields and precious metal mines are also obscured and do not appear in search result.

  9. J Segar Reply

    In the Valencia area is a military base , some governments are funny about bases don’t know why , happens in Italy a lot as we’ll

  10. Raf Reply

    Please stop saying “for obvious reason”. Even if people understand it, it is extremely annoying when half of the items are “obscured for obvious reasons”.

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