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21 Quick and Simple Life Hacks That Are Shamefully Genius

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People make your lives easier and smoother for this year, as we are presenting you all new 21 life hacks that will bring some drastic changes in your life.

21. Downloading videos is not an issue any more.

I am speechless as the image says it all.

20. Oreo = dessert toppings

Crush Oreo biscuits and grind them up to make a delicious toppings for your desserts.

19. Want to watch clear dreams? then try this

Apple juice, wow yummy life hacks will make you watch vivid  dreams.

18. No more advertisements while playing games

If you put your phone on air plane mode then it will help you avoiding the ad’s that interrupt while playing games.

17. Cookies without eggs, unbelievable

You can use banana, If you are running out of eggs while making cookies.

16. Pump up the volume, in a most innovative way

Place your phone into a bowl to raise it’s volume. Not at all expensive and also innovative.

15. Get rid of dandruff

Taking bath with cold water, prevents dandruff.

14. Charge up phone faster than ever

Turn on the airplane mode to charge your phone faster. Genius.

13. Avoid sneezing.

Touching your tongue to the mouth roof would stop the coming sneezes. Brilliant life hack.

12. The best headache cure ever

Rubbing a half cut lime on fore head would cure your headache, so enjoy.

11. Always remember what to do tomorrow,thanks to this awesome hack

Well the image says it all, text your self at night and do not open it, as every one check their cell phones in the mornings, so you will remember your work.

10. Don’t be drowsy anymore

If do not want to feel sleepy, then hold your breaths as long as you can and release them slowly, it will shake you off.

09. Burnt tongue solution

A sugar can cure your burnt tongue, Such a  sweet life hack it is.

08. Get rid of wrinkles on shirts


Put your shirt in a dryer with some ice-cubes if you want them wrinkle free. Genius.

07. Enjoy your videos on you tube without a pause

All I can say is follow the instructions and enjoy your videos.

06. Avoid cramps with this amazing life hack

While running, when your left foot is on ground then you better exhale to prevent cramps.

05. Fit into small shoes

You can fit your feet in the small shoes by wearing 3 socks and blow drying them for 10 minutes then see the magic.

04. Be a clever shopaholic

The image says it all, I do not need to repeat.

03. Clean off your eyes, This actually works


If something went into your eyes then open your eyes in water. It will come out. This hack always  works.

02. Get friendly with zoo animals


If you are wearing same color clothes as of the employees of zoo then the animals will become friendly with you.

01. Removing stain is not a big deal any more

Use alcohol to remove pen marks from any where. Quite cool life hacks.

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