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Here Are The Secret Techniques Behind Four Common Magic Tricks

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After watching the Prestige movie, you must have appreciated the wonders of Illusionary magic from the stands. But, soon as we find out about the trick, the whole act becomes evident and boring as hell. The key to a magician’s any performance is that he never reveals his secret or his whole act will become worthless in his audience’s eyes. For centuries, magicians have enshrined their work in secrecy, and the viewers kept scratching their heads on how it was achieved.

But since it is the age of information, only a handful of these magic tricks remain in the dark as most of them have been released to the public including some interesting ones claimed by the Prestige movie. Since the information is out, you ought to know a few tricks of your own or else you will be considered a dummy and might be fooled by performers throughout your life.

Here are four of these skills that are quite distinct and if you don’t know them already, pay attention now!

1. Box cutting trick

There can be two women inside the two parts of the boxes.

2. Box Cutting Trick-2

Only the shoes and other apparel remain behind.

3. Levitation man

This one is rather well-known the stick is grounded and its supports a sitting frame for the magician.

4. Box movement

This is another weird trick that is perfectly explained here.

So, how does it feel to be tricked like that!

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