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21 Different Ways You Can Use Curtain Rods In Your Home

Hello there! Wondering what amazing DIY hacks we have brought for you today? You are in luck, for we have 21 of them involving your shower curtain rod! Yes, that’s right; the tension rods can be used for a plethora of purposes. Check out our compilation of 21 hacks that can be pulled off using the shower curtain rod;

You can make use of a single tension rod or multiple tension rods for bringing order and organization to your supply closet by hanging cleaning supplies on the rod(s).

You can also make use of them as your table skirt or as a décor intended to hide the contents of your shelves. Buy any sort of curtain from the local market and use them for hiding the storage under your shelving units and side tables.

Many bathtubs lack the shelving space that is required for storing conditioners, soaps, and shampoos. Attaching a tension rod to the interior of your tub will enable you to hang tiny baskets from the rod. You can also use the same idea for storing bath toys.

By making use of two tension rods and a simple fabric, you can form an awning over the sink or the exhaust hood.

Do you lack windowsill space? Install a tension rod across the window and hang small plants and herbs to bring more life to your kitchen.

Kids love building forts using the items that are present in the living room. However, that can end up causing damage to your couches. The solution? Make use of a tension rod for setting aside the materials that are intended for fort building only.

Are you into crafting for expressing yourself? By making use of a shower curtain rod, you can keep all of your items organized.

Do you want a hanging paper towel rack? Place a tension rod under the sink or your cabinets and hang a roll of paper towel.

Tension rods can also be used for organizing your heels in a simple and elegant manner.

This particular DIY trick can help you organize your scarves without causing them to bundle up!

You can also use the idea of the shower curtain rod for hanging your kitchenware.

You can make use of a series of tension rods for making a dog gate without spending a fortune.

Most of us tend to pile stuff under our beds, right? By making use of tension rods along the bed’s frame; you can create your own bed skirt that will help you cover up that mess.

You can use small tension rods for creating this organization drawer to match the containers with their tops.

Have you got unused wrapping paper? Don’t worry, with a shower curtain rod you can create a smart wall organizer!

Simply cut a hole into the cupboard and place a tension rod on the inside. Slip on a curtain and voila!

You can also use the same idea as before for keeping your jewelry, especially necklaces stored properly without letting them getting tangled up.

You can make your own private space by placing a tension rod in the frame of the door of your bedroom closet. Hang a curtain on the said rod and there; pull on the curtains when you need some privacy.

You can also use the tension rods for storing your pot lids while you cook.

You can also make use of hanging rods to create compartments in your closet thus maintaining order.

You can enhance your home office by placing a tension rod in the door frame and hanging new curtains every now and then.