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20 Ways To Play April Fools’ Like An Engineer

Engineering usually seems boring and too monotonous; doing calculations, repeat and that’s all. But when it comes to executing pranks you would be surprised the stuff engineers can come up with. It’s like letting a Hulk loose to smash stuff! Here’s a list of 20 ways you can enjoy April Fools like an engineer.

20. News News News

If you have a friend or co-worker who is obsessed with news then maybe it is about time you give him/her a dose of news; a high dose of news. Cover everything and we mean; everything, with newspaper.

19. Here, try new Oreo

Your Oreo keep getting eaten? Well then this is how you get back to that person. Mix it up and place them at the usual spot.

18. Replacement Man was here

You know that guy who is crazy about gadgets and all? Take all that stuff and replace it with cardboard replica which does not work, for obvious reasons, and enjoy the reaction.

17. Jelly Time

Workaholics need a break too and therefore, you can always place jelly on their keyboards and mice.

16. Poop Gift

This one is disgusting, but totally worth it. Take your time and put this ornament where it will do the maximum damage.

15. Post it notes Car

This will take quite some time, but the end result is colorful and quite amazing.

14. Try Again

Let them struggle with the soap that won’t generate leather.

13. Even when it doesn’t Rain – Rainbow

This will be hilarious if the paint can be washed off without difficulty otherwise it may turn into a disaster. Choose wisely!

12. Balloon Office

The idea is simple enough. Just fill that office with balloons. A lot of balloons. Plethora of Balloons.

11. Errr, Really?

Yeah, let’s be evil and do this too!

10. Don’t Open the Door

If you must open the door then do it at your own risk. Pranksters will need to use ear plugs.

09. Green Keyboard

This might take some days to work but the results will be satisfying indeed.

08. Honk and Wake up

Well, bring the party to your office and scare off co-workers.

07. Surprise Taste

A little bit of coloring and you can be the master mind behind such an awesome idea.

06. Wrap it if you mean it

The best time to pull this idea off is when the victim is about to leave for office.

05. Encircle and Enjoy

Your boss might get angry but that’s a brilliant idea to pull indeed.

04. Grenade!

Zip it and throw it in! Run for your life afterwards!

03. Daddy is in Trouble

Young engineers can be so troublesome at times.

02. Wash your Hands

Good luck with it though!

01. Mother Know Best

This one tops the list because well moms are always a step ahead when it comes to children and this is a perfect demonstration of it.