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Watching This Beautiful 15,000 Piece Domino Pattern Get Destroyed Is Oddly Satisfying

Pic Credits: YouTube/Hevesh5

How difficult it is to construct something that is so intricate that a mere push can bring it down like it never existed. Yes, we are talking about the Domino effect where one blow can end up destroying the whole structure.

Today we are going to cover a beautiful yet creative domino pattern by Lily Hevesh, a Youtuber who is also known as Hevesh5. She is very popular for her magnificent structures that are built with extreme patience and concentration. But this one, it is the best of all!

This is the video featuring a complex and colorful spiral that took over 8 days to construct. Lily used 15,000 colorful dominoes that were placed over multiple segments and collapsed in three phases. The enormous structure only took two minutes to fall, but the sight is too amazing to put into words.

After you’ve achieved your moment of zen, watch this oddly satisfying video in reverse.

Have some other cool videos of the domino effect? We’ll love to watch them if you’re kind enough to share them in the comments’ section below!

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