This 1929 Wayne Residence Has A Batman Inspired Secret Car Garage. Check It Out

If any of us has luxury living goals, they are definitely inspired by the Dark Knight. While most other superheroes are inspiring child’s costumes, Batman is inspiring lifestyles.Molecule, An architecture firm, has redesigned a house built in 1929 to add the futuristic 12-car basement garage inspired by the Dark Knight.

The modern garage of the classic house has a secret entrance next to the tennis court covered by a part of the court that lifts to let the cars enter into the garage. Once the car is inside, the hydraulic cover lowers back down. Ceiling LED lights in the garage can be set to highlight each of the cars in there. The mirrored real wall and the LEDs give the illusion of endless space. A staircase vertically links the basement to the house.

Have a look at the bat cave and the interior of Wayne Residence.

Movie still from The Dark Knight
Basement car garage Wayne Residence, designed by Molecule


Images: Molecule

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