18 New Furniture Designs That Will Make You Wonder Why You Never Saw Them Before

space_saving_furniture (8)

Saving space is a great way to organize or declutter any small home or apartment. But even if you have more space than necessary, any piece of furniture that can be used for multiple purposes is always attractive. Here are examples of modern space-saving furniture items that are functional and beautiful.

1. This piece of artwork that is also a valuable keeper.

space_saving_furniture (26)

2. A table that also holds wine.

space_saving_furniture (24)

3. A coffee table that can be turned into a desk.

space_saving_furniture (23)

4. A lamp that acts as a bookshelf and a charging spot for your phone.

space_saving_furniture (22)

5. All-in-one USB charging, organizational pod.

space_saving_furniture (21)

6. Desk lamp and phone charger in one.

space_saving_furniture (20)

7. A bench that can be used to store shoes.

space_saving_furniture (15)

8. Mini-garden table.

space_saving_furniture (14)

9. A table-dog bed.

space_saving_furniture (13)

10. A shelf that can hold your bike.

space_saving_furniture (5)

11. Power outlet that is also a nightlight.

space_saving_furniture (4)

12. A chair that transforms into a ladder.

space_saving_furniture (2)

13. Amazingly extendable table.

space_saving_furniture (18) space_saving_furniture (19)

14. A cradle that turns into a table when kids grow up.

space_saving_furniture (16) space_saving_furniture (17)

15. An ottoman that transforms into a bed.

space_saving_furniture (9) space_saving_furniture (12)

16. A table with built in pots or bowls.

space_saving_furniture (11) space_saving_furniture (7)

17. A baby seat that turns into a rocker.

space_saving_furniture (3) space_saving_furniture (6)

18. An ottoman that can store things and turn into five seats.

space_saving_furniture (10) space_saving_furniture (1)



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