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17-Year-Old Builds A Functional Car Out Of Wood

A 17 years old Redditor showed off a realistic mechanical model of a wooden car that he designed and proceeded to build in approximately 300 hours and over a time span of 6 months using $35 only. This is RWD 3 speed manual with a V8.

This wooden car is an 11th-grader’s Physics project that has us jealous. Check out the car in motion and tell us you don’t find it amazing, we dare you! This high-schooler has been woodworking ever since he was 4 years old. The Lithuanian high schooler says that he was able to complete this project because of his ‘unfillable desire for understanding of how stuff works and making stuff’.

He has also quite an experience when it comes to playing with LEGO gears and other technical pieces. He has expressed his interest in anything that is mechanical and says that he was able to learn a lot from unrelated fields as well. He also attributed his success with this project to his previous experience of working on bicycles.

The video featured shows him explaining the process that was utilized before each component of the wooden car and we are impressed. He only received help from his dad when it came to removing a chunk of wood from the engine block and in teaching him out to make use of a router to create the wheels. As per his post on Reddit, it was working on it alone that was the most stressful part of this whole project. No such design was available on the Internet and he had to deal with any problem on his own.

Talking about the complexity of the gearbox, he says, ‘Different design concepts for the gearbox have been on my mind for weeks. None of the components were all that difficult to build, because I spent a lot of time designing them right and in the end, it was just like following instructions. Regardless, the clutch was probably the hardest. A lot of fine-tuning and mess involving the hydraulics was involved.’

He intends to make use of this model for his future job interviews. Do let us know what you think of this amazing wooden car.