13 Useful Things That Can Now Be Done With Smartphones


In today’s world, who does not own a smart phone? Smartphone apps are extremely useful for us in our daily life, and now extending its usefulness, smartphones can be paired up with different devices. And all these devices are controlled by your phone. Check out these cool things you can now do with your smartphone thanks to technology.

1- Environment Sensing


For this purpose, sensordrone can be used. As the name suggests, the sensor computer can actually sense temperature, any kind of gas leakage, air quality and anything related to the environment and show the results on the smartphone app.

2- Finding your lost items.


This app named Hone is pretty simple to use. All you need to do is tie it’s device to the things you keep on losing the most such as your keys. When you press the find button on your phone, the device emits a light and rings a bell to indicate where the keys are.

3-  The app which will make you throw your car remote:



The Viper Smart Car is one of the apps, which makes you perform different tasks on your car which you would traditionally do using your remote key. You can lock your car’s door, honk  and even release the trunk. The advantage of this app is that you will not have to carry remotes of different kinds and just one app on your smart phone will do the job for you.

4- Adjustment of your thermostats:



You can control your Nest thermostat from anywhere via your smart phone.  It works through your internet and automatically connects via Wifi. It can adjust to the the temperature at which you would want keep your house.

5- Tracking your child:


Once you put this device in your child’s pocket, and he goes way out of your range, your mobile will get notifications and you can track your child easily.

6- Turning your physical cards into digital:



All your physical cards such as your credit card and debit card can be turned into digital information . You have to add all the necessary and required information in a temporary geode card. You have to flick it in order to activate, swipe it through a terminal and boom, payment done. You can use one card for so many different cards.


7- Control the lights:


This app named Wemo makes you control the light of your home from anywhere . This revolution in your lifestyle is  basically a two step process. Number one: Download Wemo app. Number two: Replace all the light switches of your house with the Wemo ones. Now, you would not have to get up and turn off the lights,  you can do it from the comfort of your bed.


8- Lock or Unlock:


This app named Lockitron makes you lock or unlock the door from your smartphone whenever the door bell rings.

9-  For your Health:


Misfit shine, when placed on your body,  can guide you about your body movements and how physically active you have been.

10- Feeding your pet:


Pintofeed is one of the most amazing and helpful apps which makes you recall the last time you fed your pet and accordingly dispenses food to your pet.


11- Monitor your baby:


You can now keep a live check on your baby through an audio/video live streaming with Smart Baby Monitor. The device is installed near your baby and after a secure connection is established, the gadget makes you notice even the slightest noise by your baby.

12- Remote Control Devices:


The iPhly makes you control most of the remote control devices such as your TV, AC, remote control cars and remote planes.

13- Controlling your Camera timer:


With the new EOS app for cannon , you can use your smart phone to take control of the timer of your camera and take a perfect photo.


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