16 Unusual Uses Of Wire Coat Hangers That You Didn’t Know Before

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All right so what’s the one thing everyone has abundance of and that can perform so many tasks other than its prime task? The answer is simple; wire coat hangers! Today we have compiled a list of 16 tricks that you can perform with wire coat hangers.

16. Skeleton key16. Skeleton key

15. Mirror Hanger15. Mirror Hanger 15. Mirror Hanger2

14. Bubble Blower14. Bubble Blower 14. Bubble Blower2

13. Fix A Draw String13. Fix A Draw String

12. Safety Pin / Wrench Organizer12. Safety Pin 12. Safety Pin _ Wrench Organizer

11. Lock out key11. Lock out key

10. Large Sewing Needle10. Large Sewing Needle

9. Chip Clip9. Chip Clip

8. Card Display8. Card Display

7. Calendar Hanger7. Calendar Hanger

6. Drain Cleaner6. Drain Cleaner

5. Key Ring5. Key Ring 5. Key Ring2 5. Key Ring3

4. Plate Display4. Plate Display 4. Plate Display2

3. Adjustable Guy Line3. Adjustable Guy Line 3. Adjustable Guy Line2

2. Belt Keeper2. Belt Keeper 2. Belt Keeper2

1. Razor Organizer1. Razor Organizer 1. Razor Organizer2


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