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16 Pictures That Will Leave Kids Of Today Baffled

What you are about to see is something that some of you might have actually done whereas some of you won’t even have the slightest of an idea what the picture is about. Get ready to check out the sixteen pictures that are bound to confuse the kids of today!

1. Before smartphones and Google Maps, we had to print out MapQuest directions.

And before that, we used to BUY maps from gas stations and then made use of the legends and grids for finding the right route.

2. This was a legitimate fear back in the day!

It was called the Y2K bug, and many people were sure that the world would come to an end.

3. Turning the TV to channel 3 was the code for playing video games!

Static television can make you nostalgic, right?

4. Who remembers this?

The other option was calling the movie hotline for finding out the time of movies.

5. Ah yes, the good old days!

There’s a reason why old folks don’t trust the phone company.

6. Do you think you can play a practical joke on me and get away with it?

These three little keys could solve a lot of crime unless the caller knew about *67.

7. Friday nights were the best!

This family has made the right choice – this was a family activity!

8. You had to work to watch!

9. Think today’s video games improved hand-eye coordination?

Talk about ear-eye-hand coordination!

10. We had to choose our words!

11. Before Netflix and Chill!

We actually had to order Netflix, and only chill once it arrived in the mail and if it was not scratched.

12. The sound of the dial-up internet!

13. The liner notes at the bottom of the cereal box were lit!

14. Did you know that they served a purpose other than entering the Ministry of Magic?

15. You had to open up one of these when you wanted to choose the music!

16. We used to tape TV on video cassettes, and god forbid if someone recorded on them again!