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This Magnetic Slime Robot That Grabs Objects Inside Your Body Isn’t Actually An April Fool’s Day Joke

A Slime Robot That Grabs Objects Inside Your Body Isn't An April Fool's Day Joke

April Fool’s Day is the time of year when even the most obvious truths are viewed with scepticism. Such is the reputation that April 1st carries. However, on April Fool’s Day, a slime robot was introduced in Australia that was assumed to be a hoax, but guess what? It is not. It is as true as it gets, and the possibilities of such an advancement excite me like anything.

Li Zhang at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, along with his colleagues, mixed neodymium magnet particles with borax, an ordinary household detergent, and polyvinyl alcohol, a kind of resin, to form a slime that can be controlled.

This magnetic slime-based robot can explore narrow passages, grasp items, and repair defective circuits. In addition, it might be used to do tasks inside the body, such as recovering accidentally consumed items such as button batteries.

This slime can travel at up to 30 centimetres per second through narrow passages only a few millimetres wide. According to the study, it could be ideal for less invasive surgery or targeted drug delivery.

April fool’s day provides an unlikely opportunity for advertisement firms and businesses to develop out of the box ideas. From sizzling news to unbelievable offers, every trick is pulled out of the hat to lure in as many customers as possible.

Gen Z, in particular, is on their radar as this lighthearted event surrounded by jokes and puns is particularly popular in this gen. Not to mention cancel culture also is equally popular.

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