16 Best Apps For Your Android Phone That Will Make Your Everyday Life Simpler

Best 16 Apps for Your Android

If you are an Android user then these apps are made for you. Check out the list of best 16 apps that you will absolutely love. Do let us know which ones you find useful in the comments section below!

16. Google KeepGoogle Keep

The best note-taking app? Definitely, yes. It allows user to create notes with images, texts and checklists. The app also allows you to take audio notes. User can add location and time to the reminders. All the notes are backed up online and are listed in reverse chronological order.

15. PocketPocket

When you find an article that you would want to read later, make use of Pocket to save it. You can read the article later on Pocket without any ads and it works even when you don’t have access to Internet.

14. YelpYelp

This is the leading app if you are looking for a place nearby to dine in. The business page loads up with recommendation from users along with tips and essential details.

13. Chrome Remote DesktopChrome Remote Desktop

If you are a Chrome user, this app is perfect for you. You have to simply set up the pin after the installation. With this, you can control your desktop from any Android OS. This approach can be used for checking the download status or to access that attachment you forgot to send.

12. Office MobileOffice Mobile

Stop using imitator apps when you have the real Microsoft Office app, released in 2013. It allows for basic editing and if you use the OneDrive then you will have access to everything you create on this app from anywhere.

11. SongzaSongza

Songza is a music streaming app that plays music based on the user’s mood. The user simply has to select the mood and that’s it!

10. Sunrise CalendarSunrise Calendar

This app has made it to our list because of its capability to hook into third party services and bringing you all the notifications and event details under the flag of a single calendar.

9. WazeWaze

Waze is the map application to use if you are in a crowded city or going on a road trip. The app takes help from its own community to provide information about traffic jam, speed trap and closures.

8. MintMint

This app is more than just a simple log. It can track all your financial activities by connecting to checking, finance, 401k, savings and credit card accounts. This takes away the hectic manual additions for you to add. Mint does all the work for you.

7. EqualizerEqualizer

Feel like tinkering with music and listen to a particular song with high bass? Install Equalizer and you will have control over 5 frequency bands along with a bass booster and an amplifier.

6. AirDroidAirDroid

You can use AirDroid to create a wireless connection between your phone and PC. It lets you transfer photos, music, video and ringtones. You can also reply to text messages from your computer.

5. FeedlyFeedly

Feedly will allow you to read news in a simplistic manner thus making it cluster free. The app has a myriad of sharing options. You can follow the sites you want to and check them out easily.

4. Camera Zoom FXCamera Zoom FX

The built-in camera app usually sucks and that is where Camera Zoom FX takes over. It has a variety of features related to photography, such as time-lapse, burst mode, grid composition and what not.

3. ConvertItConvertIt

ConvertIt is the most exhaustive conversion app ever. You can convert almost every measurement into whatever unit you wish.

2. CamScannerCamScanner

This app uses your phone’s camera to scan images and automatically adjusts the angles and lighting to give the look as if the document was actually scanned.

1. WunderlistWunderlist

Wunderlist takes care of your to-do list and comes with some really powerful options. The user can set a due date, reminders, attach notes and even create subtasks. The best part is that you can share and assign tasks to other users as well.


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