15 Times When Working “Smarter Not Harder” Was Taken To New Extremes

work smart not hard funny2

Bill Gates once praised lazy people for their ingenuity, as unlike everyone else they manage to find the easiest way to perform a task saving all the undue hard work and grinding. And the people in the pictures below might be prime candidates to work at Microsoft, as they seem to have taken this “work smart not hard” thing to a divine level!


1. When getting a Christmas tree becomes too large a chore

2. Why ruin the warranty when you can use the doorstop without even opening the packaging

3. Work philosophy: Only the bare minimum, not an inch more!

4. I’m not even mad, that’s amazing!

5. When you don’t have the motivation to mow the lawn

6. Ain’t nobody got time for taking down the clock and turning the needles

7. I’m pretty sure road cones aren’t supposed to work like this

8. Multi-tasking win: Taking out the trash while backing out the car from the garage.

9. When you are sick of birthdays and too tired to bake a cake

10. This is actually a better workout for the dog, not quite sure for the man though! 11. When forgery gets too tiresome 

12. When an engineer gets too tired of holding up the tablet in bed

14. Could be a very good creative writer, not too sure about a friend

15. Too lazy to watch the live performance while standing!

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