15 Life Hacks Every College Student Must Know


College life has always been the best years of any person’s life because you have all the freedom and you are answerable to no one. The excitement, joy and the feeling of being free is always pleasurable.
These 15 life hacks will make your college days even better. Check these out and let us know your favourite.

15. No more wastage of time for finding keys


This is the best way to utilize a ball as a key chain holder, even envelope and napkin holder as well. Now you do not need to waste your time on finding keys and it also saves money.

14. No more lap burnings, Cool down you laptop with the help of an egg carton


Putting an egg carton beneath the laptop will help in cooling it down and this will also help in preventing burnt laps.

13. Warm up your last night pizza by putting it with a glass of water. This won’t make it chewy


Putting a last night pizza with a glass of  water in a microwave, will maintain it’s crunch and it will not be chewy

12. For the lazy souls.. !! Ramen’s can be cooked in a coffee pot


 A happy moment for the lazy people around, you can even cook your ramen in a coffee pot, which means that you will not have to move around too much.

11.Sticky paper is useful enough to clean the dirt inside the keyboard


Oh Yes! sticky papers can clean dust inside the keyboard.

10. iPhone application “Cash-Strapped” helps you to manage your budget


The application Cash-strapped helps you to manage your budget and keeps alarming you about the amount you are left with.

9. Craving for a chilled beer? Just wrap it up with a wet paper towel and place it in fridge for 15 minutes.

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Just wrap up the beer bottle into a wet paper towel and place into the refrigerator for 15 minutes, the chilled beer is ready to serve.

8. Using the following trick would lessen your burden of grocery


The finest trick which would make your grocery trip better.

7. Using a pizza box as a lid to sweep up your untidy house


Pizza is the biggest memory of college life but it’s boxes remain useful for the whole life. The boxes can be used as a lid to sweep away the mess.

6. Opening up a Pack of chips in a way that your hand will not stick while playing videos


A packet of chips might disturb you while you are playing videos, so the hack shows the best way of opening a pack of chips.

05. Applying  a wet dryers on a fan would give you an instant room freshener.


Applying these wet dryers would provide your room with fresh air.

04. Make friends by this delicious dip. (Your mother will thank me)


It has cheese, bacon ,BBQ sauce, onions  and altogether it is delicious.

3. Making a coffee, without a coffee maker .


Shake it well and serve yourself with the world’s best coffee which is cheap as well as tasty.

2. Innovative and cheap bookmark


Use your pen’s cap as a bookmark and keep a track of pages which you left on.

1 A disposable cup used as an amplifier


The single cup will help to raise up the voice. You will enjoy watching your Netflix marathons.

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