15 Best Selling Electronics From 2019

Jony Ive – The Designer Behind Apple’s Gadgets – Is Leaving Apple

Ever been at a cell phone rack in a tech store with no idea what to buy? Ever tried buying a TV for a loved one but couldn’t decide which was best? These 15 high selling devices were the cream of the crop in 2019, and they should make the decision process much easier.

#1 Echo Dot 3rd Generation

This device is officially the best-selling speaker on Amazon of all time. It comes equipped with Alexa, who can do anything from turning off your lights to giving you a quick weather report. The Echo Dot can play music from most streaming services as well, like Sirius FM and Amazon Music. 

#2 iPhone 11 64GB

This version of the iPhone is one of the best cell phones for capturing photos and videos. Its impressive dual-camera system can shoot video in 4k and 1080. This phone also has a large 6.1 in. screen with Liquid Retina technology that gives the cell phone screen lovely graphics. Being waterproof is another luxury this cell phone comes with.

#3 Fire TV Stick 4K

Now that Disney+ is here to rival the popularity of Netflix and Hulu, there is no better time to pick up a TV streaming device. The Fire TV Stick 4K gives you access to all your favorite streaming services in a beautiful high definition display. This device is powered by a 1.7GHz quad-core processor that ensures the best possible image will be on your television with this plugged in.

#4 Roku Streaming Stick +

In this new age, where 4K is the standard, the Roku Streaming Stick + is growing in popularity. It has 4x the range on its wireless receiver than its predecessor, which means that connecting to this machine from other rooms in the house is no longer a problem. 


OLED’s have been getting a reputation as one of the premier TV lines in terms of image quality. What sets the C8 apart is implementing Google Assistant into its system. A Dolby sound system is another reason to put this in your living room.

#6 Lenovo Yoga 360

This Lenovo comes with a bunch of nice features that buyers will enjoy. It has 8GB of memory, touch screen capability, and gamers will be happy to know it comes with Intel UHD Graphics 620.

#7 Nintendo Switch

This is the best video game console, particularly for families. Not only does it have many titles that are friendly to gamers of all ages, but the console itself has a screen. This means that the Nintendo Switch can be played in another room of the house, while mommy and daddy use the TV.

#8 Vizio P-Series

This TV series combines HDR10 and Dolby Vision to create a stunning image quality. In particular, the deep black levels on this television look amazing. Alexa also comes included with the Vizio P-Series.

#9 Kindle Paperwhite

Finally, a book you can read in the bath. This version of the Kindle is waterproof and has an adjustable light that can adapt to indoor and outdoor settings. This device also comes with Audible, which is becoming a big way people are reading nowadays.

#10 Wyze Cam 1080 HD

This pretty much has anything you could want in a home camera. It has complete night vision, connects to Alexa, can record video clips on its own, and can be used for streaming as well.

#11 GoPro Max

This could be the best GoPro for adventurers. Not only does it have a 360-camera, but it has 12 mics, ensuring it will capture what you say no matter where the camera is. Surfers and boaters would be happy to know that this device is waterproof too.

#12 Xbox One S

What makes the Xbox One S a premier console is its hardware. It can hold up to 2TB of memory, allowing you to compile a large game collection. Now is a great time to play games like “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,” “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,” or the immensely popular “Fortnite.”

#13 Fire HD 8 Tablet

Amazon wanted to emphasize memory capacity when they made the Fire HD 8 Tablet. There are options for 16GB or 32GB tablets, which can hold a serious amount of apps. It also runs on a 4,750mAh battery, making it a perfect companion for any long car ride.

#14 Apple Airpods

These are one of the most impressive earbuds we have seen in recent years. Apple Airpods come with cases that charge the pods when placed inside. Being wireless, these are perfect to use while running or exercising. On top of all that, it gets access to Siri as well.

#15 Pixel 3a

The most valuable asset the Pixel 3a has is its video production capability. Its unique system can take time-lapse videos. It also performs well in low light settings and comes with HDR and Google Assistant.

With so many new devices out there to buy, have you ever thought of what to do with your old device? Thankfully, there are IT Asset Disposition services that dispose of data in unwanted devices. Some of these services are even environmentally friendly. Many people out there might be replacing devices now that such great new tech is being released.

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