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14 Winter Hacks That Will Make This Season Easier For You

When you know Winter is Coming, you should prepare yourself to fight the cold. The frigid temperatures not only take a huge toll on your body but on your clothing, home and car too. Therefore, it is important to be prepared to avoid getting stuck in any dangerous or annoying situation. Here is a list of some winter hacks for you to make your winter experience better.

Using these tips, not only you will stay safe but also you’ll enjoy the beauty of winter that surrounds you.

Use Kitty Litter on Slippery Tires:

Trying to get the friction on your vehicle’s tires when the road is covered with ice is nearly impossible. But you can get a good amount of friction if you sprinkle some kitty litter on the tires before you hit the road. This will give the wheels the kickstart they need to get you moving on the road.

Use Razor to Remove Pilling from Sweaters:

Your favorite knits might fray and accumulate a layer of thin fibers that looks very untidy. Using a disposable razor, you can easily scrape off those fibers without damaging the sweater.

Put Screws in Shoe Soles to Prevent Slipping:

One of the biggest danger during winter ice is getting slipped and falling. Not only it is embarrassing but can also cause quite a lot of pain. Placing a handful of screws into the soles will reduce the chance of making you fall on the ice, hence it will save you from both embarrassment and physical pain.

DIY Defroster:

If your windows or stairs are covered in ice, here’s what you can do to melt it. Use a mixture of two quarts rubbing alcohol, one cup water and one teaspoon of dish detergent. Throw the mixture on the ice and let it do the rest.

De-fog Your Windshield:

While driving on icy roads, windshield fog is a great danger. If your windshield constantly fogs up, try filling a sock with odor-free kitty litter and place it on your dashboard. It will suck up any moisture and leave your windows crystal clear.

Use Your Ceiling Fan To Keep Warm:

Fans are usually associated with summer but they can also help you stay warm. Since hot air rises, switch your fan to counterclockwise rotation so that it can push warm air down. Bet you didn’t know that!

Prevent Hat Hair:

Keeping your head warm has always been important. But unless you have a crew cut, your hair will always look disheveled whenever you will remove your winter hat. But you can save your look by spraying a little bit of dry shampoo in your hair to fluff it back up.

Unstick Your Snow Shovel:

No one likes the shovel snow but it needs to be done. While shoveling it, some of the snow accumulate on the shovel head making the task even more tedious. If you coat your shovel head with non-stick cooking spray, you can eliminate this headache.

 Use Foil To Save Heat:

Radiators are great to keep yourself warm but a lot of the heat they produce is absorbed into the wall behind them. If you keep a large sheet of tin foil between the radiator and wall, the heat will reflect back into your home.

Prevent Side view Mirror Ice:

If you have zip-lock bags, you don’t have to worry about ice coating on your side view mirrors. Place the bags over the mirrors overnight and in the morning, they will be clear.

Ride Your Bike Safely:

Just because summers are gone doesn’t mean you have to keep your bike in the storage until the season returns. Use some zip ties around your tires every few inches. You’ll have the treads to ride safely through the snow.

Keep Your Boots Upright:

To prevent your tall boots from crunching up when you store them, stuff the insides with pool noodles. They will keep the fabric on your footwear from getting unsightly creases in them. When you take them out the next time, they will be new as ever.

Use The Sun As Defroster:

While commercially available defroster can be expensive and not everyone has those extra bucks to afford them. You can simply use the power of the sun to melt the ice. If you park your car so that the windshield faces east, as the sun will rise, it will melt all the snow before you even need to start your car. Cheap yet effective method.

Protect Your Windshield Wipers:

Ice can affect cars in all sort of ways. Sticky windshield wipers are one of those situations. However, if you lift them and place a sock over each of them during a snowstorm, they will stay dry and operate normally later on.

If you try these hacks, you will find winters to be very less haunting than they seem to be.