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Here’s How You Can Make A Spare Key At Home

Are you among one of those who always end up, somehow, losing their keys? If the answer is yes then you definitely know that keeping some extra keys around is a good idea and practical. However, that might cost you quite a fortune. So, here we are with a video that was posted by YouTube channel, DaveHax that will help you create spare keys at your home using easily available materials. So, shall we give it a try?

You’ll need a sharp pair of scissors and safety gloves for this project.

1. Take the key you want a spare made of and hold it over a flame using a pair of pliers. Once it turns black, allow it to cool down.

2. Using a strip of tape take a print of key; stick onto the key and peel it off.

3. Now stick the tap onto a lid that has been cut off of the can of a food.

4. Carefully and precisely cut out the key using that sharp pair of scissors. Make sure you are very precise and careful.

5. Test the homemade to find out if it works or not. It is rather flexible when compared with the original so you might have to do a bit of wagging.

Do let us know how it works out for you.