Genius DIY Shows How You Can Hide Your Spare Key Without Anyone Ever Finding It

where to hide your spare key3

Placing a key outside is one of the most difficult ordeals of one’s life. Sure you want to have an extra option lying outside where you want it in case you get locked outside with no key. But you also don’t want it to be found by the neighborhood burglar who is always peeping around to see if he can find a way into some poor victim’s house. So, there have to be certain trade-offs in both security and utility when that damned key is to be placed outside. Even if we place it somewhere safe where no one can ever find it, we are always worrying about it and thinking whether it has been located or not. We end up replacing the appropriately selected place with an impressive secure vault that even we won’t be able to access in times of crisis. Paradox, right? But, with this cool DIY trick you can make sure that the key can only be found by the right person only!

This process involves hiding it under a rock, but you don’t worry; it will only dislodge when you want it to. You can also hide it away somewhere the thief isn’t supposed to be looking. So, let’s get started with this project.

Here is what you need!

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Your key, spray oil, polystyrene cups, rubber glove, water concrete sealer, plastic wrap, a paint brush, stirring stick and concrete mix.

Now spray the plastic wrap and put the key on top.

where to hide your spare key6

This will ensure it doesn’t get stuck in the concrete.

Now mix concrete and give it the form of a rock-like lump of mass.

where to hide your spare key5

Now put your lump on they key and press it. Add bumps on your rock it to make it look convincing.

where to hide your spare key4

Nice looking rock you got there. Now take your key out after a day of letting it dry and then finally seal it.

where to hide your spare key3

The key fits nicely inside the rock.

where to hide your spare key

Find a good spot for your spare key protector and let it remain there.

where to hide your spare key8

Now you won’t have to worry about getting yourself locked out of the house!


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  1. Tim Reply

    Wow, this would be assuming that no one guesses you put the key under or in the rock. Problem is you have just put a mold for the key. An assumed thief can make a key from the mold, put the original key back and no one is the wiser. Then you are left wondering how someone got into your home with the copied key still on the thief keyring.

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