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12 Mind Blowing Facts About The New Apple Campus You Never Knew Before

By market capitalization, Apple is the largest publically traded company in the US with shares worth $626 billion. The ambitious project of Apple Campus 2 will redefine the workplaces as we know them. Apple wants to its new campus to depict the values that the company believes in: independence, ultra-modernism, and environmental friendliness.

These are the 12 relatively unknown facts about the Apple Campus 2 Project, commonly known as “Space Shuttle”:


Image Source: Steve Jobs Videos

1. Apple Campus 2 was a Pet Project of Steve Jobs

Jobs’ vision of the Apple campus 2.0 was that of a super modern workplace architecture that had never been seen before. He was very enthusiastic about the project as is revealed by the famous words he said to Norman Forester, the architect of the Apple Campus 2.

“Do not take me on as a client, but rather as part of a team.”


Image Source: Tumblr

2. The Walls of the Campus will include the  largest curved glass panels in the World

Two sides of the new Apple campus will comprise of curved glass walls made up of 3000 panels of the curved glass. Thus, the Apple employees will be greeted by a magnificent view of the internal garden or the striking scenery of the area surrounding the building.


Image Source: Business Insider

3. The underground auditorium in the building could house up to 1,000 people

The building will house a huge basement auditorium, sufficient to accommodate more than 1000 people comfortably. All future Apple products will be launched via the same platform. The company will host WWDC 2017 in this hall.


Image Source: City Farmer

4. More than 80% of the Campus area will be green

The campus will be populated by a large number of trees and shrubs. The company has planted more than 7000 trees on the campus site. Dan Whisenhunt informed the audience during a presentation:

“ We have selected many varieties of plants resistant to drought, to minimise the amount of water needed to irrigate them.”


Image Source: Inhabitat

5. Renewable Sources Will Power The Building

The Apple Space shuttle will be powered by biofuel and 65,000 square meters of solar panels.


Image Source: Business Insider

6. The Campus will not require heating or air conditioning for three-quarters of a year

The natural climatic conditions of California and the specially installed 4,300 hollow-centered concrete slabs will keep the complex cool throughout the year.


Image Source: Business Insider

7. The Complex will require 6,000 Hectolitres of Water Daily

As reported by the San Jose Mercury News, the Apple Campus 2 will need 157,000 gallons of water for daily use. However, the company will only utilise the recycled water.


Image Source: Business Insider

8. Employees will move around the campus on Bicycles

Apple employees will use the 1000 bikes provided by the tech giant to commute from one corner of the campus to the other.


Image Source: Digital Trends

9. Apple Space Ship Will cost around $ 5 billion

The project is truly audacious and will reportedly cost around USD 5 billion.


Image Source: Business Insider

10. An enormous underground garage to park up to 11,000 cars

To keep the landscape clean, Apple will install a huge underground parking with the ability to hold 10,980 cars. To encourage the use of clean energy, charging station will be made available for the electric vehicles.


Image Source: Business Insider

11. Huge Health centre for the Apple Employees

Apple will pamper its 20,000 employees with a huge “spa” that will cost nearly $ 70 million.


Image Source: Business Insider

12. The Apple Space Ship Cafe will be about the Size of a Football Field

Covering about 5500 square meters, the café could serve 21000 people while another 600 diners could dine on the terrace of the café.


You can see the official video depicting the building plan below: