Drone Takes A Closer Look At Construction Activities Underway At New Apple Spaceship Headquarter

Apple Spaceship Campus 9

How many of you know about the campus that Apple is busy building? It is known as the spaceship campus owing to its shape. The campus covers an area of 175 acres and will be completed by 2016. The access to site is prohibited for photographing purposes, however, one Apple fan made use of a GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition and a DJI Phantom 2 drone in order to take some pictures from the site. This was achieved by a YouTube user jmcminn. He managed a 8 minute video of the circular walls that are being constructed.
Apple Spaceship Campus
Apple Spaceship Campus 9

The chief architect Sir Norman Foster talks about the project and says; ‘It’s interesting how it evolved. First of all, there was a smaller site. Then, as the project developed, and the Hewlett-Packard site became available, the scale of the project changed. The reference point for Steve [Jobs] was always the large space on the Stanford campus – the Main Quad – which Steve knew intimately. He would reminisce about the time when he was young, and California was still the fruit bowl of the United States. It was still orchards. The car would visually be banished, and tarmac would be replaced by greenery, and car parks by jogging and bicycle trails.’ DCIM102MEDIA DCIM102MEDIA

According to reports from April 2013, the project has exceeded its designated budget by $2 billion making the total cost of the project touch around $5 billion. Sir Foster explained how the employees. 13,000 in number, will make their away across such a gigantic campus and he replied; ‘The proximity, the adjacencies are very, very carefully considered. Remember also that the scale is broken down by cafes and lobbies and entrances. You have four-storey-high glass walls, which can literally move sideways and just open up into the landscape. So the social facilities break down the scale.’Apple Spaceship Campus 2 Apple Spaceship Campus 3 Apple Spaceship Campus 4 Apple Spaceship Campus 5 Apple Spaceship Campus 6

It was also told that there will be jogging and cycling trails at the campus with over 1,000 bikes present on site that will be made accessible to all employees. The Spaceship will come with a 360-degree curved glass walls and courtyard located at center as well. There is also indication about an auditorium with seating capacity for 1,000. 300,000 sq. ft. have been reserved as research space on this new campus. The Apple Campus 2 will come with an underground parking and therefore, 80% of the area shall be covered with threes.Apple Spaceship Campus 10 Apple Spaceship Campus 15 Apple Spaceship Campus 14 Apple Spaceship Campus 13 Apple Spaceship Campus 12

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer said; ‘You see the energy and the love and the attention to detail that we’ve put into this. We have treated this project just as we would any Apple product. And this will be a place for the most creative and collaborative teams in the industry to innovate for decades to come. The concept of the building is collaboration and fluidity. It’ll provide a very open-spaced system, so that at one point in the day you may be in offices on one side of the circle and find yourself on the other side later that day.’Apple Spaceship Campus 11

Apple’s Whisenhunt said; ‘This will be one of the most environmentally sustainable developments on this scale anywhere in the world. We love California, and by adding over 2,500 new and indigenous trees that truly belong here,’ Oppenheimer said, ‘we’re bringing back the beautiful orchards that once made up this valley.’

Fingers crossed for the world’s best office!

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