12 Mesmerizing Lamps And Chandeliers Made Out Of Daily Life Objects

Who knew seemingly worthless household projects can be turned into something so beautiful. Hold on to your seats, as you are about to be blown away by the sheer creativity and beauty of these awesome light lamps and chandeliers created out of nothing!

1. Paper Starburst Pendant Light

Image credits: Gabrielle Guy | the3rsblog.wordpress.com


2. Pop Top Lampshade

Image credits: makezine.com

3. Doily Lamp

Designed by Isabelle Mcallister

4. Globe Lights

Designed by Benoît Vieubled

5. Grater Lights


Image credits: recyclart.org

6. Carved African Gourd (Calabash) Lamps

Designed by Calabarte

7. Old Bike Parts Turned Into A Chandelier

Designed by Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock

8. DIY Yarn Lampshade

Image credits: freeyork

9. Plastic Bottle Chandelier

Image credits: blogilates.com | michellebrand.co.uk

10. Paper Orb Lights

Image credits: designsponge.com

11. DIY Recycled TetraBox Lamp

Designed by Ed Chew

12. Hanger Lights

Image credits: Natalie Sampson