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Dad Builds An Amazing Basketball Court For His Daughter Inside Their Home

Dads do most amazing things for their children and every child has a dream room. These are two facts and when you combine them; the result is an amazing DIY project. This girl is a diehard fan of basketball and her father decided to do something that would complement her fandom. Check it out below and let us know what you think of it.

The project basically started when the family was building its house.

Here’s a picture of the room before the project.

After installation of walls, windows and doors he got to business!

Two base coats of wood color were applied to make the floor smooth and nice.

Afterwards, he drew wood plank pattern on the floor to impart the feeling of a court!

He made use of wooden colour to impart a grainy look.

After a number of layers of stain, he moved on to painting the lines.

The end result? An amazing basketball court!

Is that cool or what?

We are sure that she is going to become quite popular in her friends circle!