12 Companies That Have Strange And Unique Office Buildings

How do you sell the brand? Well, you make use of creative approaches; amazing ads, creative billboards and then clever architecture. We have compiled a list of companies where the brand of respective company has been incorporated into the company’s building architecture as well. Enjoy the list!

12. Audi Showroom, Barcelona

11. The Donut Hole, La Puente, California, USA

10. Meitan Tea Museum, China

9. Coney Island Hot Dog Stand, Colorado, USA

8. Tonneau Bistro & Bar, Okinawa, Japan

7. Toilet Museum, South Korea

6. Big Shoe Repair, Bakersfield, California, USA

5. Gibeau Orange Julep, Montreal, Canada

4. United Equipment, Turlock, California, USA

3. Grand Guitar, Tennessee, USA

2. The Big Pineapple, South Africa

1. Adidas Shoebox Pop-Up Store, Barcelona, Spain