10 YouTube Channels Every Engineer Must See


With YouTube becoming just as much a hub for education as it is a center for entertainment, more and more educators are using the platform to enlighten the masses in ways once never thought of. Engineers can use this platform to learn about a variety of topics, ranging from mathematics to astrophysics, all at the click of a button. Here are the best channels for engineers to learn something new everyday on YouTube.

10. Engineering.com

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The channel has a range of shows, from the DIY segments called “Some Assembly Required”, to “The Product Design Show”. The channel has something to offer every engineer out there. And with videos that have hundreds of thousands of views, the channel is also popular and well known among engineers and non-technical people.

9. Vsauce

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For those of you who want to learn little snippets of information, Vsauce is the channel to go to. The videos are both entertaining and informative with bearable durations that won’t test your attention span. Each video has a theme and flows fluently, but the only drawback is the random grabbing of topics which makes it hard to remember which video to go back to when you want to refresh your memory.

8. thebrainscoop

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The videos, hosted by Emily Graslie, are funny, informative, entertaining and heartwarming. Even watching a wolf being dissected becomes more than bearable and at times astonishing. Not recommended for those with a weak stomach and definitely not something to watch during lunch, some of the videos aren’t exactly workplace friendly. But there are others you can watch at the office and are just as informative as long as you are careful about the time and place you watch them.

7. CGP Grey

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The videos aren’t all related to science and engineering, but anyone would find it hard to turn off a CGP Grey video. The visuals are fun to watch and the information is solid. All of the topics are presented in an easy-to-grasp manner. The channel mainly focuses on social and political issues, such as the debt limit and how to become the Pope. To see the scientific side of Grey, you can check his videos on Nocebos.

6. Khan Academy

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With almost 4000 videos, the shear size of the of the Khan Academy channel is enough to put it on this list. The videos are very educational, but could be refined a little bit more to make this channel truly great. The information presented on this channel is also closer to something you would watch before starting a school project rather than watch during a lunch break. But if you want to pick up on some basic concepts that you have forgotten from your school day, Khan Academy is the best option.

5. engineerguy

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Bill Hammack conducts his lessons the way many of us wish our college professors did. He explains complex machines by taking them apart and explaining each component bit by bit, and then leaving what remains to the class for inspection. If you want to see how a microwave works while taking it apart, this is the channel to visit.

4. Veritasium

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If any of you remember Mad Science and enjoyed crazy science, then the videos of Veritasium are perfect for you. Even if you have never heard of Mad Science, but are a fan of the fun side of science, then this is the channel for you. Derek Muller is the guy who presents crazy science experiments that will leave viewers wondering and guessing. The newborn curiosity is what eventually drives people to the quest of knowledge and takes them to greater places.

3. StarTalk Radio

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Niel deGrasse Tyson has a voice that sounds as if it belongs in the stars, and it’s hard to imagine any other voice explaining the concepts of Astrophysics to you. The comedians in Tyson’s team help explain scientific concepts with a grain of salt and a sense of humor. The subjects are extremely interesting and the content is very informative, but the lack of visuals (except for the team fooling around on the studio) keep this show from hitting the number 1 spot.

2. MinutePhysics

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Henry Reich is a guy who knows what he’s talking about and can explain large concepts in under 18 seconds. The lengthier videos last about four minutes and contain more complex physics topics such as Parallel Universes and Higgs. The videos are greatly used by engineering websites as references and for providing in-depth information about a subject matter discussed in the articles.

1. CrashCourse

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Hank and John Green’s Vlogbrother channels could easily have populated this list, but for the sake of variety and completeness there had to be other channels. The brothers, one an entrepreneurial science lover and the other a NY Times best selling author, teach Chemistry, Biology, US History, World History, Literature, and Ecology in a highly entertaining and lovable manner. The brothers are highly informative and the wide range of topics and the way they are presented earn them a spot at the top of the list.

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