10 Android Apps You Must Have On Your Android Phone


With the release of the new Android KitKat, the apps for the Android platform have been pouring into the PlayStore. Here are the top 10 apps for Android for 2013.

10. Aereo



This app allows you to use your Android device to access your cloud DVR and stream your favorite TV shows whenever you want. Users can save up to 20 hours of television and tune into local channels, all from their smartphone or tablet. The app is free and comes with a free trial after which subscription fees of $8 per month apply.

9. Sleepbot



This app can be used as a simple sleep log or a powerful sleep tracker. The Sleepbot app tracks your movement and noise levels while you sleep and wakes you up with an alarm depending on how lightly (or heavily) you are sleeping. A great experience that will help users improve their sleeping habits. The app is available for free at the Google PlayStore.

8. Feedly



Feedly is the best app to act as a RSS curation tool since Google Reader is no longer available. The mainly image focused app gives readers a new experience which is closer to how we use the web. Easy integration and fluid operation makes Feedly an amazing news reader app.

7. Reddit is fun



A great app for browsing and using Reddit on Android devices, Reddit is fun is almost an essential for Android users. This free app is easy to use and not only lets you browse the web but also post and comment on different websites. An app that constantly improves with time, Reddit is fun and a must have on one’s tablet or smartphone.

6. doubleTwist



This app allows you to sync your music between your PC/Mac and Android device. It is also a media player with a beautiful layout that is pleasing to look at and has the capability to play multiple audio files. Users can even watch videos, stream radio and listen to podcasts, all with this simple and amazing looking app.

5. Nova Launcher



The Nova Launcher provides an amazing home screen experience that matches the new iOS 7 home screen design. This performance-oriented is fully customizable and a great download for all Android users with a price of only $4 for the prime version.

4. Pixlr Express



This app is more than a photo editor with just filters. The fully customizable Pixlr Express is a powerful and customizable app that allows users to edit pictures in a more advanced way. With the ability to color-collect, blur or layer images and stickers on top of one another, this free small app (only 7.2 MB) is a must for the amateur photographer in you.

3. Evernote



This app, which has become an essential tool for productivity, was heavily updated throughout 2013. The updates include a customizable home screen, image and PDF markup. The app allows you to take photos and note, set reminders, record audio and tag it all to make it easily accessible to you at a later time.

2. Pocket Casts



An all-in-one app for organizing your podcasts, this app let’s you download, play and sync your podcasts using just your Android device. The playback is customizable so you can listen to it at the speed you want, and the menus help you easily discover new podcasts. The Pocket Casts app costs $3.99.

1. Duolingo



The Duolingo app provides users with a new and rewarding language learning experience. The app adds interactivity and customized lessons to the learning process and rewards users when they achieve goals, which keeps them motivated to keep learning. Allowing users to learn English, Portugese, Spanish, French, German and Italian, Duolingo is free and makes learning a new language interesting and fun.

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    It’s a great post. Thanks for sharing. But I think privacy apps are also must needed apps for any user. i think leo privacy should also be on the list. It’s one of the best security apps available on playstore.

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