10 Things You Need To Do When Designing Your Home

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Over the course of years we have come to realize how we foolishly damage nature while increasing our own expenses for no logical reason at all. That is where the concept of green home comes in; it reduces the carbon footprint while allowing you to cut down on your energy bills and will also increase your home value when it is on sale. These 10 tips will help you in designing your own green house. Good luck!

10. Make Use of Sun

10. Make Use of SunWe all understand the fact that we need to opt for alternate and smart energy sources instead of relying on the electricity. Time to take some action; make sure you orient your house in a way that allows it to make full use of passive solar energy. For example; if you’re in Northern Hemisphere, it would be wise to orient the home in a way that allows for maximum exposure on the South. Furthermore, you need to have your architect do a little brainstorming and design overhangs and windows in such a manner so that the sun is allowed during winter while being blocked in the summer.

9. Type of Flooring

9. Type of FlooringAlright, now, for those of you who don’t know; flooring does play a vital role and choosing sustainable flooring is the wise thing to do. Go for bamboo or carpet that is made from natural fibers. If you opt for recycled flooring or flooring which is local, it will help to cut emissions in production of flooring tiles.

8. Paints

8. PaintsThere are a myriad of paint options available, however, be smart and choose the one with lowest or (ideally speaking) zero VOC’s in it. This will limit the gas that is being produced and/or released inside your home.

7. Cabinets and Counter-tops

7. Cabinets and CountertopsThe same goes for your counter tops and cabinets. Have them crafted from a sustainable product with little or no VOC’s.

6. Building Envelope

6. Building EnvelopeIf your house has a clumsy envelope, then we are afraid you will always be on the losing end. However, if you take precaution and ensure that the architect designs the house so that it has a tight envelope and this will ensure that your house remains energy efficient.

5. Heating Options

5. Heating OptionsHow many of you have heard about geothermal heating/cooling system? We bet not many; however, if you look into it, you will find that this approach will really cut down your operational costs while allowing you to take care of your home heating and cooling efficiently. Furthermore, you can also opt for solar panels to make use of Sun’s energy.

4. Make use of Rain Water

4. Make use of Rain WaterInstead of watering plans by using the water from the pipeline, come up with a system that allows you to trap rain water and then use this water for watering plants.

3. Reusing Water

3. Reusing WaterWater is a depleting source and we all need to save water. Therefore, it is advised that you install gray water systems which will allow you to reuse water in order to flush your toilets. You can also opt for the flush toilets that are dual in nature; they also help in saving water.

2. Lighting Systems

2. Lighting SystemsAlright, so now that you have employed sunlight and reduced the energy consumption during the daytime, you need to do something about the after sunset time period as well. Opt for lighting systems which are designed around CFLs in order to cut down on energy consumption.

1. Vegetation

1. VegetationThis is perhaps the best thing you can do to your roof; plant vegetation. This will allow you to have a hobby and will also lengthen the life of your roof while reducing your energy costs by keeping the rooms cooler.


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