10 Reinvented Daily Use Items That Are Now Better


Science and technology are shaping the world around us at quite a fast pace. We see new gadgets and designs coming up every day. However, while the focus is on improving lifestyle by introducing new gadgets; we are also witnessing an innovation drive focused at gadgets that are already in daily use by consumers. We decided to make a list which talks about 10 such innovations in everyday items.

10. Wi-Fi Routers10. Wi-Fi Routers

So you think the current Wi-Fi routers can not be tweaked anymore? Think again folks for scientists in China have actually improved the current Wi-Fi by creating a network that relies on light instead of the conventional radio waves. The computer or any other device will receive the signals by flickering lights, which won’t be detectable by human eye. Offices in Minnesota are already using this new kind of Wi-Fi.

9. Touch Screens9. Touch Screens

Microsoft has been developing something known as OmniTouch and it is such a big deal because this has tweaked touch screens. The shoulder mounted gadget will project an image in front of the user on any surface and allow the user to interact by clicking on the projection. The gadget is also capable of projecting different screens on different surfaces.

8. Floor Mats8. Floor Mats

Ditch your traditional floor mats and spend $6,000 for this particular floor mat that will clean your boots as you walk over it.  The floor mat has tiny vacuum valves which open up when you step onto it and suck away all the dirt. The dirt that is sucked in is then transferred to a container, which allows for its easy disposal.

7. Soft Drink Cans7. Soft Drink Cans

Imagine having a can where you need just press a button at the bottom to cool it down by thirty degrees, each time you press it; pretty impressive, no? West Coast Chill is an energy drink which aims to provide this to the customers. The cooling down is carried out by letting CO2 expand in the drink when your press the button and the expansion heat is drawn from the drink resulting in lowering of temperature.

6. Trash Can 6. Trash Can That Catches Garbage

Own this trash can and you would look awesome in front of your friends when you toss garbage and the trash can catches it every time. Yes that is true; the invention comes from Japan and relies on Xbox Kinect technology.

5. Glasses That Make Life into a FPS

5. Glasses That Make Life into a FPS

These glasses will make you feel like Terminator with a real time HUD. The glasses have cameras installed in them and they render the video on LCD screens that have been incorporated inside the glasses.

4. Fibers in Clothing4. Fibers in Clothing That Generate Electricity

If we asked you to name something that generates energy all the time what would your answer be? Those of you who answered humans are on the same page as us right now. Currently research is being done on how to harness that energy and one approach is that of employing ZnO fibers in clothing. These ZnO fibers generate electricity when stretched and this means that whenever you walk/move, these fibers in your clothing will be generating electricity.

3. Speed Bumps3. Speed Bumps

Alright so how can you improve the speed bumps? Oh wait, we know, put some speed limit on it. Wait, what? The idea of a speed bump is to slow down the vehicles, right? But what if the vehicle is already under the speed limit, then what? Technically the speed bump should not exist for such vehicles and this is exactly the tweak that has been incorporated into the design created by Jae-yun Kim and Jong -Su Lee. The idea is that the speed bump will hold its position for vehicles that are over the speed limit but will fold down when a vehicle under the speed limit approaches it.

2. Fly swatters2. Flyswatters

How do you fight malaria in tropical areas that is flooded with mosquitoes? The device is a fly swatter which listens for the beating of wings and then fires away a laser to zap the mosquitoes. The gadget has been financed by Bill Gates and can be used to form a kind a fence around a particular area.

1. Laser Keyboards1. Laser Keyboards

Forget the conventional keyboards and move on to the laser keyboards. The idea is to employ a mini projector and project the virtual keyboard onto a flat surface and then use this projection as a keyboard.

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