10 Smartphone Features That You Probably Never Knew

Smartphones have taken over our lives in the best and the worst manners alike. Addictive as they might be, their usefulness cannot be denied at all. While many of us are pretty capable of finding our required features and entertainment sources, we remain unaware of many of the useful features this device offers. We have picked a few of those unique features for you to know so as you can make your smartphone a tad more useful than it was before.

1. Clone Your Applications

It is pretty easy to use multiple Instagram accounts on one application, but if you have multiple accounts for another social networks, you will be driving yourself crazy logging in and out of one or the other. The solution comes with the app cloning feature available on the latest Android versions. If your version of Android does not offer the feature, you can download another application that can do the app cloning for you.

Image Credits: Android Gadget Hacks

2. Downloading Videos from YouTube

If you want to download a video or audio from YouTube, the official app store will be no help as Google hides the apps that let you do that. A good way to download the videos is to use websites like tubemate.net or videoder.net. You can either look for the video through the app or just paste the link in it.

Image Credits: Tubemate

3. Use Your Phone As A Digital Scale

You can not weigh yourself with the phone, but it works pretty well for small objects though. You can get this app that turns your phone into a digital scale. All you need to do is install the app and use a pre-weighed object to calibrate it, and your personal scale gadget is ready.

Image Credits: YouTube

4. Twin Window Mode

Don’t you hate when your YouTube video stops playing while you switch to another window to reply to a quick text of your friend? Well, the multi-window mode can be enabled by opening your app and holding the task list key. Sadly, not all phones offer this feature.

Image Credits: Samsung Update

5. Switch To Safe Mode

Your regular phone operation may sometimes be interrupted by third party applications so you can debug the phone by enabling the safe mode. Switch on your phone, press the power button again and hold it for a while. A menu will appear where you press and hold the “Power Off” key, after which the safe mode option will appear.

Image Credits: Android Wikihow

6. Use Maps Offline

You may not always have internet access, but the google maps work pretty well when offline so you are never lost. Just download the maps on your phone and whenever you need them, turn on the GPS to find your location and the way to your destination without using the internet.

Image Credits: Android Widget Center

7. Paying With Your Phone

Almost all new phones are equipped with NFC modules that you can use for payments. Just link your credit card to either Android Pay or Apple Pay, and you can pay using your phone at the thousands of stores that accept contact-less payments.

Image Credits: Android Authority

8. A Handy Scanner

In the modern era, your smartphone is equivalent to your books, notes, and library all at once. If you want to quickly scan any document, you always have the phone at hand. Using apps like Camscanner and Handyscanner, you can not only create a PDF document but also save it to the cloud and directly share it with anyone you want.

Image Credits: CNET

9. Camera Google Search

You can find pretty much anything on the internet by typing a word but what if you do not know a thing about the object that you are looking at? The Google Goggles app comes handy and uses your smartphone camera to help you make food searches or the unknown household goods, and even barcodes and images.

Image Credits: Android Authority

10. Linking Smartphones

Your modern smartphones come with the USB On-The-Go (OTG) feature, so you do not have to go looking for a laptop whenever you want to transfer data. You can link your phone to another by fitting a USB female adapter in one and connecting it to the other with a micro-USB cable. When the phone has identified the adapter, it can be connected to the other phone.

Image Credits: Android Central

Did we miss out something in the list above? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Swipe left when on the iPhone compass feature and it becomes a fully functioning spirit level

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