10 Signs To Find Out If You’re Actually A Genius!

Not everyone can be a genius like Rajgauri Pawar who even scored more than the Elbert Einstein and Stephen Hawking in IQ test but there’s no harm in flexing your brain neurons and try to prove your mettle!

Indian Origin Girl Rajgauri Pawar Scores 162 In Mensa IQ Test, More Than Albert Einstein And Stephen Hawking

Today we bring you ten crazy photos that will test your intelligence! While these pictures are tough to crack, they also test your perception and the ability to assess things that are hard to figure out in the first attempt.

It is said though that perception isn’t exactly the same thing as intelligence. Perception is a way of learning and gathering information by observing it while intelligence is understanding it and making use of the information gathered.

This video is more of a test of perception than intelligence, but the first step to solve a problem is to gather enough information and correctly perceive things, so relying on perception isn’t a complete fail either!

If nothing else, it still is a super cool way to kill some time!

Watch the video below! A heads up; number 6 one is a particularly hard and interesting one.

And while you are at it, why not try and solve this chess puzzle that has bamboozled even the best of computers!

Can You Solve This Chess Puzzle That Even An Artificial Intelligence Software Cannot?

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