10 Maths Equations That Changed The World

equations that changed the world

“Engineers and Equations” is a better love story than twilight. Although we whine about being victimized by the half a million equations we have to go through in our degrees, the truth is that equations help us understand the world through the unbiased eyes of numbers and formulas. All the great scientists used this irrefutable tool to redescribe the Universe for us. From Newton’s Laws of Motion to the recent proof of Einstein’s Gravity Wave theory, it has been an incredible journey to follow these great minds in a quest to have a better understanding of how nature works and the ways it proposes anomalies that are a challenge for us.

Just like inventions, equations also transformed our world. The way Bronze, spoked wheels, pinhole cameras, steam turbines, electricity, computers and the internet changed our world, we can see them around us in material form. But, we cannot see equations around us directly, they are the prime reason inventions could be made in the first place. Once you have read our list, you will agree how important equations have been for us and continue to be so. Here are ten of the most game-changing equations formulated for us:


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