10 Great Ideas That Will Transform your Balcony Into An Amazing Place To Sit

Balcony ideas

Nowadays, we don’t see many huge houses or spaces left out in the design of homes. We are left with apartments that have limited open space and to make use of that space in a way that benefits the residents is an art. We have compiled a list of 10 items which will improve the practicability of the balcony and limited space which it provides. So take a look and select the ones you need in your life.

10. Balcony Solar Powered Light-bird

Balcony Solar Powered Light-birdWhy don’t we save electricity while making the balcony railing look like awesome? This is what Michael Hilgers who is a designer at Rephorm thought of when he created the ‘Light-bird’. The bird comes with a solar light bulb and perches on the balcony railing where it will absorb sunlight all day long and light up in the night, providing more than enough light for your balcony.
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9. Changeable Balcony Wall Unit

Changeable Balcony Wall UnitDon’t you just hate the kind of furniture which does only one thing? Well, this item is capable of being changed into many different things. Hence, you can use it as a table and the next minute, you can change it into a chair.

8. Balcony Handrail Perch

Balcony Handrail PerchAttach this item to your balcony railing and enjoy the wonderful design of this handrail perch which can be used even while travelling.

7. Balcony Pop Up Furniture

Balcony Pop Up FurnitureThis is just the thing which is required for balconies that are small. The furniture can be folded when it’s not required and can be opened up when required.

6. Balcony Handrail Tealight

Balcony Handrail TealightThis is the perfect gadget if you use your balcony to sit down and play cards or like cuddling up while sipping coffees. The idea is to attach this tentacle like thing with the railing and then this works as a holder for your glasses, cups and vases etc. The item comes with a tea-light as well!

5. Balcony Handrail Table

Balcony Handrail TableThis gadget will transform your balcony railing into a table which can be made use of if you wish to sit outside and work in your balcony.

4. Balcony Handrail Planter

Balcony Handrail PlanterTime to show off how you’ve been taking care of plants and flowers by fixing them on the railing and making your balcony look even more environment friendly.
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3. Balcony Garden

Balcony GardenThis will let you fulfill your dream of owning a garden! Make use of this transparent wall gutter which will allow your plants to have sunlight and rain water.

2. Balcony Kitchen

Balcony KitchenThis will allow you to do kitchen work while enjoying the view from your balcony!

1. Balcony Handrail Grill

Balcony Handrail GrillBBQ fans can make use of this awesome tweak for their balcony which will enable them to carry out BBQ parties without much hassle.
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