10 Facts They Didn’t Tell You About Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370


It has been almost a week since Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared. Yesterday, we covered why the airplane search is taking so long. Since then, there have been more questions than answers. The flight that went missing with 239 passengers and crew members on board hasn’t left a trace before vanishing completely, leaving investigators searching in the dark. Amongst all the mystery, there are some things that people may not know yet about the disappearance of flight MH370.


1. Some Passengers Did Not Board The Plane


The Malaysian government is currently investigating the fact that five passengers who were booked for the flight did not get on the plane. They checked in but did not board the plane and their luggage was removed beforehand.

2. Search Teams Were Looking In The Wrong Place For Five Days

Malaysia Plane Armchair Sleuths

As shown in the map below, the plane was last tracked at the Strait of Malacca between the Indonesian and Malaysian coasts. The plane turned around near Vietnam when it’s transponder stopped working and headed hundreds of miles away from its original flight path. Search teams had been searching the place where the plane’s transponder stopped working instead of near the Strait of Malacca.

malaysia_airlines (1)

3. All Boeing 777 Commercial Jets Are Equipped With Explosion-Proof Black Box Recorders And Can Transmit Location Data For 30 Days.

malaysia_airlines (2)

These black boxes are designed to withstand any explosion from the plane itself. The bomb-proof structures hold digital recordings of the conversations in the cockpit and also detailed flight data and control surface data.

The reason why investigators are having such a hard time finding the aircraft is because they cannot pick up any signal from its black box recorder. Usually, homing in on the signal leads to the plane itself, but the absence of any signal means that the black box, a device meant to withstand explosions, has vanished, malfunctioned or been destroyed by some unfathomable power.

4. The Passengers’ Phones Are Still Ringing, Even Now

MH370 phone ringing

Many of the loved ones of the 239 people on board the Boeing 777 have been calling them since the plane disappeared on Saturday. They have heard the phones ringing, but no one has answered.

5. There Are Parts of Aircraft That Are Buoyant And Naturally Float On Water

MH370 Airplane parts

In past cases when a plane crashes into the sea, many parts of the plane are found floating on the surface because they are buoyant. No such debris has been found yet, which has baffled search and rescue teams even more. Even if there was an explosion on board while the plane was in mid air, the debris would have fallen over a much greater area and more easily spotted.

6. The Location Of Where The Plane Disappeared Is Not Unknown

malaysia_airlines (3)

Air traffic controllers have experience with aircraft accidents and they have the location data of the plane just before it disappears. The location, elevation and airspeed are all known and can be used to locate where the debris of the plane could have landed in the event of an explosion. Despite all the data, officials are still unable to locate the missing aircraft.

7. If The Plane Was Hijacked, It Would Not Have Vanished

MH370 Hijacking

Many people believe that malice is involved in the disappearance of flight MH370. But if a plane were hijacked by terrorists, it could not vanish from radar. Even if they disabled the transponder on board the plane, ground control could still easily locate the plane using the “passive” radars which sends a signal and measures its reflection (Doppler effect) to find where the plane is.

8. If A Missile Had Destroyed The Airplane, It Would Have Shown Up On Radar

malaysia_airlines (5)

There are theories going around that say the commercial airliner was shot down by a missile. The problem with this theory is that the debris generated from a missile strike would have easily been detected by naval ship radars and air traffic authorities. The only way a missile strike would have gone undetected was if it blew everything up into small undetectable pieces and there is no known missile with such destructive capabilities.

9. The aircraft deviated from its flight path and was picked up by a military radar a few hours later.

MH370 Flight path


New data reveals that the aircraft changed its planned course and took a u-turn towards Andaman Islands. This theory was confirmed by a malaysian military radar that picked up the airplane hours after it lost contact with air traffic control.

10. The plane could have flown as far as India Or Pakistan

MH370 in Pakistan


New evidence reveals that the aircraft kept flying for 5 hours after it lost contact with the air traffic control. Plotting the aircraft fly time of 5 hours, the aircraft could have ended up in India or border areas of Pakistan.



  1. Hope Reply

    This plane will never be found because if it was involved in some conspiracy, whoever masterminded this must be of high power. They cannot find anything, not even the recording box nothing, this is very strange. Innocent people lost their lives without even knowing what was going on. The world is full of mysteries and one day we are all going to be awakened to the truth I hope those that do evil for the sake of power will be ready to face their faith.

  2. Mamie Reply

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  3. Dave Reply

    The plane was re-routed to a U.S. Military Base on Diego Garcia because of the technological knowledge of a small number of people on board who did not want that intellectual property to become a military-grade reality in the hands of the Chinese. Just a hunch.

    • davon Reply

      nh370 flying with only one engine in conserve mode to save fuel has reached iran !!!

    • Mahatma Reply

      Bullshit. We actually know a bit more about the flight path it took – and this doesn’t go into Iran or elsewhere. I would understand if you had posted this in 2014, but not in 2016 where we have the sat-based evidence of the route direction south until it ended up west of australia.



    The only ABSURD explanation I’ve heard is “the pilots use it but they don’t use it to track planes (filled with dozens of passengers in an aircraft worth millions of dollars) because they can’t “up-link GPS into their system yet” (but they can with your $10 phone).

    And they expect YOU to be dumb enough to believe that ridiculous excuse… You… don’t… actually believe that do you?

    You’re being told a GREAT BIG LIE. A lie so big, you can’t even begin to comprehend it’s magnitude.

    There are multiple websites where you can track flights IN REAL TIME via GPS. LOOK IT UP.

    For some strange reason though you can only track flights over land. And it’s really funny, in the Southern Hemisphere, ALL FLIGHTS “disappear” when they get about 100 out to sea. They “reappear” again when they get about 100 from land. Think about that. It’s a FACT and you can check it out yourself on multiple websites that track air traffic.

    It’s almost like there really aren’t any “satellites” out there AT ALL and the entire GPS system is based on LAND using CELL TOWERS…

    After about 100 miles out to sea, the only way they can track a plane is with radar because GPS doesn’t work for some reason…

    That’s just a small hint at what I’m getting at here…

    So why do planes in the southern hemisphere completely disappear from GPS when they get 100 miles from land? How come they can’t just find a GPS signal from one of the many cell phones on board and find the exact location where it ended up? THAT IS THE REAL MYSTERY ISN’T IT.


    • nmyfthstat Reply

      Why does it take 21 or 22 hours to fly Sydney to London when the Earth does a full 360 turn in 24 hours??

      And MH370 was a car that glided- not crashed/dived into a mine site (3ft drop a r 60 km/h) in a residential area and escaped. Look at the scoop on the bonnett of a WRX and the aerofoil on the boot of the 2002 model.

    • Larry Reply

      239 passengers and crew is a prime number! 3 sevens in plane make, 5 days missing, 5 people didn’t board, flight number 37 zero is a place holder,
      “Good night. Malaysian Three Seven Zero” prime numbers, two minute later transponder stopped again a prime number.
      WIKI At 2:22, the aircraft disappeared from Malaysian military radar, 200 nautical miles (370 km; 230 mi) zero as place holder 3 more prime numbers here.
      (SDU) replied to five hourly, automated status requests between 03:41 and 08:10, and two unanswered ground-to-aircraft HERE 5 and 2 are. as well as the 3 and 41 in the time.
      Captain sighed in for duty on 3, 7 both prime.
      911 is also a prime number.

      The Military is notorious for choosing prime numbers in things they do!
      Maybe this is the Unsolved Mysteries clue or finger print in these prime numbers which dominate all the numbers in this case!?


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  6. unknown Reply

    This incident reminds me of the series LOST, only the fact that the plane and passengers just disappear without a trace.
    Its impossible to just lose such a big aircraft without a trace.
    The only people on earth that can make that possible is the goverment and the millitary ( not even a magician can do such trick )
    Who ever is responsible for this must have planned it very well!
    The main fact is, that its just sad that innocent people on that flight were dragged into this mess! It doesnt even have a gud reason to think for them to just disapear in thinn air, i mean what kind of evil human being would do such horrible thing!?
    Comments such as blaming the religions is and will be always a childish comment of human beings that in fact the only one to blame is,only US HUMANS and not the religion at all, we even harm plants,trees and aimals its just an act of what we do. Everybody is just talking bad abt religion when to be honest in my opinion nobody even knw the meaning y we even have a religion for each person its kinda being used for judging, war and other bad things happen in our lifes. Hope is the only reason we believe in it and nothing else.
    I feel for the relatives of the innocent passengers dragged into it and i pray for them to be safe and to be found soon (this is y i have a religion i pray for gud, be thankful for wat i have and dont judge period)

  7. David Henderson Reply

    There will never be any trace of flight 370 ever found. Someone went though a lot of trouble to make sure of that.

  8. odin 3.07 Reply

    always i used to read smaller content that also clear their motive, and that is also happening with this post which I
    am reading at this place.

  9. Art Johnson Reply

    From the news reports the Pilot of MH370 made a cell phone call to an unknown person just before take off. That to me said something happened just before the flight left. The flight left at 20 minutes after 12am local time on Saturday. According to Malaysian Air there is a flight MH30 scheduled to leave at 10 minutes after 12am nonstop to Turkey. If that flight was cancelled it would have been easy to change flight MH370 to that flight after being lost on radar. It would have passed all air traffic controllers and never would have been missed when it did not show up in Turkey because it was cancelled in Kuala Lumpur.

  10. kapilkm Reply

    I think it may have been disappeared in bermuda triangle

  11. romano romeo Reply

    well, This flying machine has very advanced features such auto landing, autopilot and and I think sat control like drones so its hacked.

  12. Johan Reply

    The saddest part of all is the ridiculous rubbish/junk people talk and write about this very tragic incident. People can not even spell properly but they pretend to be capable of solving not only world politics, but also aircraft accident/incident investigations !!! I sincerely hope, on behalf of all the relatives of flight MH370 passengers, that some organisation will take all these cruel idiots who created rumours and false hope for them, to some court of law.

  13. aaa Reply

    If the plane is said to be fallen on the ocean,the dead bodies must float on water.But no signs of this were detected.Therefore it must on have fallen on ocean.This is what I think so.

    • Katie Reply

      If the plane doors were closed, the bodies would have no way of getting out thus they would not float they would instead be at the bottom of the sea floor or near enough

  14. Anne Reply

    I pray for all the families of this flight. I pray that all passengers and crew are found safe . Somehow , they landed and are waiting to be found . That’s is my prayer.

  15. Dick Reply

    In ocean, discovery of debris can take many weeks. Recovery of significant pieces of wreckage can take months. This is history. Air France flight 447 — crash in Atlantic Ocean, bodies and some wreckage recovered within 5 days (but it crashed when and where it went silent, not 5-hours flying time distant), but black box not recovered for 2 years.

    The blame must go to Global warming, racism, belief in God, Walmart, and the gluttonous ingestion of pork. It is also possible that “visitors” from another planet(s) (probably not in our solar system) intercepted this plane for unknown reasons and failed to re-deposit it upon it’s original flight path/timeline. Someday, we will know what actually happened, but nobody is to be surprised if it takes a long time.

  16. Servant of Allah Reply

    We never know what’s hidden from us or what’s lied to us until Allah shows it. He Knows it All. We’ll keep on seeking His Help until the truth is revealed and facts are all for us to know. Amiin. #KeepOnPrayingForMH370. Insya Allah everything will be on the right place. Truth always win.

  17. Fred Batey Reply

    My thoughts , dont think it’s in the Indian Ocean . Go back to South China Sea , I think it’s there .

  18. Shafqat Ullah Reply

    Whenever there is situation of this sort, Pakistan is always to be blamed at, why can’t they leave us alone. Oh wait, they can’t leave us alone cuz their drone missiles are gonna expired if they aren’t used on Pakistan! My friends, now this a new plan and we all where it’s going(blame it pakistan)
    May Lord(Allah) have mercy on the souls of the passengers.
    I don’t understand that there Phones are Ringing, is the biggest clue, You can locate the location of pole which is receiving calls……though not answering…… than y u r not locating the location of there phones????????????????????????

  19. Engr Lope C. Cortez Reply

    The MH370 is on Mission Impossible journey. There is one or more very important passengers in it that need to be captured (see the roster of passengers so many nationalities two or more but majority Chinese). Now these “very” important people are in the hand of “concerned” group for interrogation and others. Once the Mission Impossible is through you’ll be amazed it will come out. And the security throughout the World will change that the UN will be involve because of a very serious and dangerous military matters was stop.

    • Tariq Zubair Reply

      You are absolutely right that these key persons are in their hands. But i think they will not release them as total of 160 planes are missing since 1910. If someone search all the data every plane has key person/s. Mission impossible ‘ Dajaal’ is now understand by everyone. This person will come out with big force once he is ready and will try to capture the world. Islam is very clear about it. This is not theory because 160 planes are missing and we are silent about it.

  20. Anonymous Reply

    maybe someday Malaysia will release the reason. and invading Indonesia as the main reason why the plane is missing, so US will help poor Malay. Just like when US invading Iraq.

  21. Shoukat Reply

    Phone Ringing…..is the biggest clue…..You can locate the location of pole which is receiving calls……though not answering……Simple do it folks

      • Mel Reply

        Just because the phone is ringing does not mean the device is active. Some network providers will play the sound of the phone ringing while they are trying to connect the call so you don’t hang up

  22. Fahad Khan Alizai Reply

    First of all this is very sad that more than 200 lives are missing or either dead. I hope and pray that all of them are living because the pain through which their loved ones are passing by is immense. There have been reports in the American Media that the plane had been hijacked and has landed in Pakistan somewhere. I guess Fox News should not act like fox and start behaving like a media. Their agendas are always very clear. A boing 777 the latest flying machine reaches Pakistan, where there are very less airports which one can count on fingers and after 11 days still nobody knows about this is actually a Laugh Out Loud. Unless somebody made a landing strip and has dug a big cave in a mountain to hide the 777. What I say is go find it in Israel where it must be getting prepared to hit another Sky Scrapper to vage another war somewhere on the Muslims. This time people don’t give Jews any vacations or another tall building is coming down.

    • Tomo Trifco Reply

      Thank you for a very thoughtful write-up. They always blame on Muslim ,when most of the worlds heinous criminals are the non-Muslims period.

    • Mitch Reply

      It must be wonderful to be an Arab. You can say “9/11 was a great victory for Arabs and America deserved it,” then you can turn around and say “But Israel did it.” There’s no requirement in the Arab mind for consistency from yesterday to today. Only Arabs get to hold and speak contradictory ideas at the same time.

  23. Abdulhaq yousufzai Reply

    Whenever there is situation of this sort, Pakistan is always to be blamed at, why can’t they leave us alone. Oh wait, they can’t leave us alone cuz their drone missiles are gonna expired if they aren’t used on Pakistan! My friends, now this a new plan and we all where it’s going(blame it pakistan)
    May Lord(Allah) have mercy on the souls of the passengers.

  24. joe bule Reply

    Let’s we all pray hard 4 MH 370 may God gives His mercy amen ??

  25. Raashid Adnan Reply

    The airplane is hijacked by the American. and Hide in Bermuda, where DAJJAL live. and use some scientist of CHINA.

  26. Umair Wasi Temuri Reply

    Yes, it is true each flight investigation takes around 3 months, it is quite unnecessary to blame anyone before the vague facts should be revealed after careful examinations.

    We should have to hold our discussions up till revelation of any strong proofs.

  27. Pak Raden Reply

    An aircrash investigation needs time. Average investigation took almost 3 months at least until finally they discovered the reason of the crash. It even could take more time if there’s lots and lots of investigation team from different side

    • E.A.Kumar Reply

      The cause for MH 370 having not yet been found is because a conspiracy has taken place and there is a big drama going on to confuse people trying to find the facts.
      From the way the search has been going on it will be a real miracle if the evidence about the missing plane will ever be revealed as there are a lot of countries which do not want the truth to come out.

      • Dr KV Ranjit Reply

        MH370 – THE TRUTH : FACTUAL INCIDENTS ABOUT MH370 OVERFLYING KERALA-INDIA – TRIPLE OBJECTIVES BEING transfer of secret Mearsk cargo to Diego Garcia Military Airfield&refueling in Maldives,Spiriting away of 20 Freescale Electronic Warfare experts & primarily a 9/11 type plot to crash our area – MH370 CURRENTLY BEING HOLED UP IN SRILANKAN AIRFORCE BUNKER

        Searching for MH370 would reprove the slightly embellished old saying that ‘Facts are indeed stranger than fiction’ as also ‘Truth is always bitter’ as the following real life incidents reveal.Finding MH370 and rescuing its passengers is only possible by taking into account the following factual incidents of its landing.And ocean searches are futile when the overwhelming possibility of landing is ignored.

        That the triple objectives of MH370 hijack by rogue pilot was to transfer(such smuggling is routine and would have taken place even if the flight outcome was normal) around 20T of secret[{in this case believed to be contraband heroine smuggling by D-Company of Karachi also judging by the elation among the DComp-ISI-MSS module members here boasting that the entire world cannot find the MH370,esp kingpins advs S Manoj of Prakkanam&Mathur Suresh of Pathanamthitta where the latter was arrested many years back on Feb5,2005(VIDE all press&media reports including Indian Express,The Hindu&Malayala Manorama etc dt 6/2/2005&later but again covered up by the predominantly rogue police&parties which are the worst in the world and under payroll of DComp etc modules due to gross&unchecked corruption. now seriously threatening social,national&international security as the MH370 episode shows)in a counterfeit currency case as well as increased threat perception also from extensive rogue sections here}Mounting threat levels here from the DComp+ modules&rogue sections(who are unto tracffcking to terrorism many of which has been foiled by my Intelligence&Crime stopper alerts,including a publicized threat by JEM with collaboration of the DComp+ module in the SABARIMALA temple bombing plot in Jan 2001 VIDE press report in The Hindu&Malayala Manorama),to murders for land grabbing to betting&blackmagic sacrifices etc)of police ever since I reported about MH370 OVERFLYING here,surely indicate that the entire hijack plot has been partly or fully plotted&financed by DComp-ISI-MSS combine on the heinous mission of dominating world by SUBVERTING other countries but fortunately has started backfirng upon themselves]Maersk cargo(about which neither Malaysian Airlines and govt nor Maersk would disclose)to rogue sections at Diego Garcia military Airfield and refuel at Maldives(despite credible sightings by many people in Maldives,govts are covering up and such a roundabout flight with deviations and detours can only be possible after refueling);spiritng away of 20 odd Freescale Electronic Warfare experts by the predominant rogue sections in Iran&China to learn exclusive patented EW tech(otherwise more suitable flights could have been used for the primary purpose);the primary purpose was for a 9/11 type crash over Prakkanam area of Cheneerkara Village in Pathanamthitta Dist of Kerala state in India.

        Where I was witness to the large and low flying around 2000-3000 metres altitude and very
        slow flying B777 just after 9am IST (GMT+5.30) on Sat March 8,2014 OVERFLYING directly overhead from North to South direction.Though some people including children in our area had looked in wonder at the large plane but nobody in their wildest of imagination could ever think it was MH370 assuming it to have crashed in the South China sea or hijacked into nearby areas.The Maldives sighting departing from NW to SE direction a little before 7am IST (6.15-6.30 Maldivian time GMT+5)mean MH370 had taken a detour along the Eastern coast(Tamil Nadu)of India to overfly our area from N to S.Which in itself is BREAKTHROUGH LOGIC given the close to ~2hour gap in timings of Maldives&Kerala sightings.The motive of the plot to crash here would be that I had become a hindrance to rogue sections predominanting nations in their aim to grab Global Supremacy by SUBVERTING other nations VIDE my forecast of Terrorism and Economic warfare(VIDE favourable reply No FMD.MSRG.839/02.09.010/2013-14 DT NOV 19,2013 from Reserve Bank of India to take corrective steps in countering predatory etc economic policies of rogue nations against which I had petitioned the PM of India)BOOMERANGING upon its originators viz Pakistan and China.

        The matter was reported by me to Media-MI the same day and NIA,Interpol and FBI later.On 26 March another identical B777(but without the reddish streaks of the earlier)was seen OVERFLYING our area in the southern sky from SE to NW direction at 10.30am which on tracking was found to be the Emirates EK651 Colombo-Dubai flight departing from Colombo at 10.05 then.This indeed made the cat come out of the bag since this flight at around 3000-4000 metres alt instead of its normal flight alt of (~10000 metres )35000 ft and slow too deviated more than 80kms south toward our area for what can be rightly inferred as a trial run.This again was reported by me to NCTC,Boeing,Freescale,CTBTO etc.

        Which also mean that out of the 5 airfields where the rogue MH370 pilot was training only two namely Male and Diego Garcia has been disclosed with 2 other in South India most probably being Coimbatore IAF (a possible touchdown is suspected for logistic support because of MH370 accurately flying directly overhead our house despite all signals&transponders being switched off and alternate GPS support of rogue nations too is expected)a hotbed of rogue activities&flights and abnormal fighter crashes due to sabotage by removing securing split pins as was found in AMBALA JAGUAR crash where another JAGUAR readied for flight(VIDE Warbirds of India-crash report archives)was also found with the crucial SPLIT PIN removed in May7, 2004(against which I had to complain to Indian PM&military earlier VIDE unfavourable reply No. Air HQ/S 20170/2/1/Al(S) DT 7/Dec/12 from Directorate of Intelligence-IAF)and most probably the 4th being our area and the 5th and final SRILANKAN one is of particular interest in being at the terminal end of the flight path plot will surely give lead as to where exactly MH370 now is that is secretly holed up in an SL AIRFORCE bunker.More the so since to carry out their failed third objective of crashing in our area MH370 needs to be parked in airfields in neighbouring countries or in India itself near to our area close to the southern tip of India and not far away in Africa or Australia.The real life incidents though unbelievable are true to its fullest extent and and is a definitive lead.Though I had informed the authorities from Media-MI,NIA to NCTC upto PM as well and very recently JACC&AFSB-Australian search team but for obvious reasons of powerful rogue sections in many countries from Malayala,China,Russia,Pakistan,India,SRILANKA,Maldives,USA involved in the matter,there is a grand cover up at national and international levels.Copies of the over 30000 characters cimplaints sent to the authorities can be forwarded for your valued perusal.I cannot afford not to complain and take up the matter since myself being the primary target and so with the plane stashed away in neighbouring countries poses immense and imminent danger.And only due to the Divine Grace of Lord Vishnu and the protection of our Family-clan deity Durga Devi temple that fortunately nothing happened with the plane and passengers intact and an emergency and forceful search team will be able to find the plane and rescue the passengers&crew.So international cooperation and coordination is imperative for which tactful handling is required so as not to hurt national sensibilities even as the extensive and well entrenched rogue sections are isolated and exposed.That a far more sophisticated operation than 9/11 was carried out can be understood with rogue section in different countries helping and it is not a delinquent pilot out of his mind flying away with a plane

        With no nearby airports and our area being neither civil nor military flight corridor there is no reason for the B777 MH370 to overly our area and that too directly overhead other than to crashland here.

        A day after the killing of Pakistan Taliban chief-Mehsud by American drone attack,on Fri 1/11/2013 a rogue fighter jet most probably on tracking&unmistakably was a SUKHOI fighter jet from THANJAVUR AIRFORCE STATION which overflew here from NEE to SWW direction with great speed but malicious intent just after 3am but due to Divine Grace they could not attack because to tell the truth they are afraid of my downing their jet by my Yogic or Meditation power.Nevertheless I cannot afford not to complain since the risks increase manifold during wartime but both Pakistan and China really fear fighting India since they are still overawed by the Indian victory in 1971 divesting East Pakistan(now Bangladesh)from West Pakistan(now only Pakistan)and hence their mean&cowardly multi-decade long terrorism etc spreading worldwide and now culminating in the MH370 hijak.Had timely action been taken against the Dcomp-ISI-MSS(the illknown Chinese intelligence-Ministry of State Security) module&their offshoots and the extensive&well entrenched rogue sections then things would not have come to such a pass.Instead the national&international coverup is only inviting Nature’s wrath in the ever increasing intensity&frequency of Cyclones to Earthquakes which cannot be explained by Global Warming alone.Clearly&Certainly it is prudent to realise that the citadels of power will get destroyed if GOVTS DONOT WALK THE PATH OF RIGHTEOUSNESS and REMEDY the gross travesty of Justice

        Since such a MH370 stashed away in our neighbourhood countries poses immense danger here,to strategic and VVIP areas so Indian PM,Army,Navy and AIRFORCE have been informed.Though there is less of a chance of a second attempt here due to Divine Grace and Protection but World capitals are all the more at risk from its reuse or such use of other passenger planes.

        Therefore to put search operations on track in and around the five suspected airfields found on the rogue pilot’s simulator,very recently AFSB&JACC-Australia entrusted with search operations too have been informed.Since hope lies in the old adage ‘Better be late than never’.And with speedy action tactfully handled it is never too late and passengers and crew can still be saved for which the help and right action of media,organisations&individuals as well as authorities is very much essential. Had the MH370 crashed here as planned then the whole world media and security would have dawned here for coverage&probe.Undoubtedly nothing but solely due to Divine Grace now ATLEAST that crashing has been thwarted ensuring plane&its passengers to remain intact and what is mandatory now is a meticulously and forcibly directed emergency search that will unfailing find MH370 and save the passengers&crew.And far from being just a law enforcement one due to the coverup the issue is already turning into a high stakes military matter. ESP IN LIGHT OF THE COVERT NUCLEAR THREAT FROM CHINA IN THE FOLLOWING WEEK AFTER MH370 HIJACK TO SUPPRESS FACTS&NEWS FROM EMERGING AS ALSO A MILDER RECENTLY AFTER THE 100DAYS,IT WOULD BE WISE ON THE PART OF PREDOMINANTLY ROGUE NATIONS TO REALISE&BE FOREWARNED THAT WITH MOST IF NOT ALL OF THEIR COVERT&HEINOUS TERRORISM&TREACHERY STRATEGIES BOOMERANGING UPON THEMSELVES,THE CONSEQUENCES ON THE ACCURSED COUNTRIES WILL BE CALAMITOUS WITH SOCIAL,CONVENTIONAL&ESP N-THREAT BACKFIRNG

  28. Ashish Reply

    don’t all new smartphones have GPS?is it hard to find so many GPS signals requests coming from a remote area?

    • flgovcand_gig Reply

      Yes many Pilots use GPS from home, Handheld, battery operated. SO they can crosscheck NAV , Wind/Jetstreams ETA’s Fuel etc. ,Hamid may have had his on his side dash , as always maybe, but that night , the aircraft went low enough over Georgetown,logged in in a TESCO tower. SO we have a NAVIGATIONAL FIX and Timecheck.
      Inmarsat 178E still overlapping , we can confirm this fix’s every hour. Every hour triggered by ALL Satellites
      and handshake to whichever sat is the one ( are the ones-)in range.Next west is 25 E and 15 West. Giving exact fixes
      for the rest of the flight. Handshake 7 was initiated from the aircraft,we can have the fix , if INMARSAT releases time/distance/angle – data . In Handshake attempt 7 , Some life on board , decided to go on one engine, to stretch the range of remaining fuel. A safe landing copuld have easily be arranged (Iran,Russia,Ogaden,China).We will find out sooner or later !

  29. Sarwar Reply

    We can only pray for the safety of all those who are on board on this flight.

  30. mati Reply

    is there any Bermuda and devil triangle where every things disappear in the path of plane.

  31. Hadia Reply

    seems to me an international drama ……… probably american wants to create anothr 911 kind of story to attack anothr Muslim country ……….. as they do fake usama operation in PAkistan.

  32. John Reply

    I think by now we know the plane has been stolen/hijacked. (which I correctly stated about 5 days ago) However it appears as we progress through time the extremely competent Malaysian authorities have forgotten the mobile phones. If the phones rang. If passengers managed to hide them on board then somewhere a mobile/cell phone company knows within 2 or 3 kms where that plane is or was. I hope to God we not taking the Malaysian authorities word for it on this one as clearly their word means very little. At this stage the only hope of finding the plane is the phones.
    I use the latest computer technology but I hate smart phones. The battery on my dumb phone lasts about 3 weeks without any usage and about 2 weeks with normal usage.

  33. Mohammad Jahanzaib Reply

    MH 370
    All the sites and news I have gone through I read these TOPICS:

    Airplane brought down by Iranians;
    Airplane blew away;
    Airplane shot down;
    Relatives say the phones are ringing;

    My point is if the airplane was brought down by the jihadis, than they would have landed at any airport and would have done dealing; and IF this was true their was no need for disabling the NAVIGATION SYSTEM.

    If the airplane blew away (for any reason) even if it crashed into sea its part would have been floating on the sea as its body material is very light.
    Secondly if it crashed on land then the plane would have been more easily found or It may have been discovered uptil now.

    News confirm that the phones are ringing of the passengers, than why do not the operater companies track their location. FOR THOSE WHO SAY ABOUT IMEI CODE… The companies don’t need the codes they already have all the data about the user, his current location and e.t.c
    IF THE MOBILES ARE RINGING why does not the BLACKBOX respond!!!
    was their a fault in it?, was it harmed?
    Well the BLACKBOX(Flight Recording Box) is made explosion proof so even if the plane blows away the data remains safe, while the making of blackbox, it is passed through many tests after that the blackbox is accepted or not. So was the flightbox so easy to harm ?

    If the Malaysian police says that a flight simulator was found from the pilots home than what was it doing at his home, what was he using it to learn and the main point is that how did he GOT ONE.
    Even if the plane was shot down the navy ship radars and airplane authorities would have got the location of the plane.
    I searched on Google for Boeing 777 history and found that their had been no accidents of Boeing 777 since their except for 1 crash landing that made the reputation bad, and this seems to be the second airplane that has crashed but the Boeing Crew is not revealing the real truth to save their WILL.
    If the military radar got signal from a plane heading towards unusual path than why didn’t they took sudden response ? They say that plane seemed to be flying over 45,000 Ft which is above the limit of the plane. Was the pilot trying to sucide ? was their any technical fault ?

    What so ever happened maybe we might know about it in a week, month, year or maybe never.

    Mohammad Jahanzaib

  34. Syed Javed Akbar Reply

    Well, it can be found in Nikobar or Andaman islands’ waters, controlled by India. Only if Indian warships deputed to search for it have not already hidden the debris. Remember these areas are no-go areas for even Indian Air force. They might have shot it down as it was an unidentified aircraft, not responding to their calls on wireless. Just a thought.

  35. Enchanted Reply

    The hi jackers lol!!! Puhleese!!! Wake up. Look at the hi jackers photo that’s been released. their legs are photo shopped. Same pose, same feet, same legs. what a joke. Inside hatched job to bring on WW3. Thanks again USA!

    • Jen Reply

      They just need to turn Fox News into an ice cream stand…then they can put all the fluff on it they want. I’ve never been lied to by delicious ice cream.

  36. Shaikh Reply

    It might have happened that the plane might have travelled to Mars ?

  37. zed Reply

    I think It’s another conspiracy by the governments to cover up a hijacking, i bet they’re negotiating right now with the hijackers and need to keep the real deal a secret so as not to compromise the negotiation. I’m hoping that the passengers and crews are still safe.

  38. Ella Reply

    A friend of mine was covering this news, she told me that the Malaysian authorities werent too generous to share informations regarding the missing aircraft ….. so yes maybe they’re hiding something from us. Hope for the best.

  39. MIR Reply

    I’m 100% agree with 1st comment ,plane really got crashed and to blot out the facts ,Malaysian airline has just dramatized it and made it mystery.

  40. Raza Reply

    Jo kara reya aay Amrika kara reya aaa…

    (Behind every happening is America’s hand)

  41. tony Reply

    I Think the plane had somehow landed on water and than sank deep into the ocean.

  42. saira Reply

    USA tested new kind of weapon so the aircraft has disappeared not a single proof left behind and now they are blaming Pakistan

  43. Passenger239 Reply

    Very respectfully. With the known information so far, this can’t be but an orchestrated effort from a government. I hope the passenger families get aid from someone with access to the cellular phone networks to get them located. I am hopeful for the passengers including the 239th.

  44. Saeed Reply

    I think the plane has crashed and now they are trying to make excuses to cover up the episode. Had the plane been hijacked it would have landed somewhere. I wonder how it can fly for days without refueling.

  45. Hey You Reply

    That’s what happened in this region when those rascals, american troops were plotted in asia pasific. United states is planning to put their military power as much as 60% in aussie and some the those rascals were already landed there.

  46. SML Reply

    Everything does not have to be related to Pakistan. There is no evidence to support any theory. Give it a few days or months or years or till the end of time, maybe we might or might not discover what actually happened.

  47. Saiprasad Bhosle Reply

    I think the plane is been Hijacke and might be in Pakistan. This is the only place where it could be otherwise it could have easily located. Malaysia should send some Intelligence to find out.

    • SHAHZAD Reply


    • syed ali Reply

      well said … the plane could be in Pakistan wow … by the way to reach pakistan it should cross big country of india … are indians so stupid that a unknown flying object crossed whole their country undetected like a UFO and reached pakistan? …. yr investing too much on yr detective skills … 😛

    • Paki Reply

      Saiprasad Bhosle: You simply seems a jerk in all this thread.
      First of all confirm all confirm that really phones are ringing?

    • Fahad Kazmi Reply

      If it is in Pakistan , then your whole army should be put in jail , what are they spending money on if they cant locate a commercial airliner . You dumbass

    • jkmemon Reply

      Mr. Bhosre, wow, what a theory. The airliner flew over india and not a single indian noticed. Must be busy watching star plus….

      Complete IDIOT.

  48. Abbas Reply

    If phones r still ringing, then y celluler companies are unable to locate them. We should admit that due to some technical reasons plane is crashed. Malaisian airline dont want bad reputation. they r just saving there goodwill.

  49. native malay Reply

    This merely political conspiracy by Malaysian ruling party “Barisan Nasional” over former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim who charged guilty over sodomy in 2008. A day before the flight missing, appeal court decided he is guilty & send him 5 years in prison. Ruling party knew consequences would arise with the verdict. They want to kill Anwar’s political path. But they afraid of most Malaysian people who currently die hard supporter of Anwar Ibrahim

  50. BAS Reply

    People don’t be soo insensitive and heartless with your theories and jokes.

    Those are real people on board who have loved ones desperately waiting for news. I had a friend who mother passed away in an air crash and his life has never been the same.

    Have some decency please!

    • Fahad Kazmi Reply

      haha , Muslims are enough for their own destruction , Americans have better things to do i think

  51. touka Reply

    maybe the flight MH370 didn’t want to be found. must be something going on inside that mh370. and the passenger become the victim. let’s hope for the best.

  52. Adnan Reply

    what a shit…..
    phones are ringing….
    black box is not,
    they say transponder has been switched off….
    can’t predict anything …..
    let’s hope for the best.

  53. Atif Reply

    Any one can tell me which batteries they are using in cell phones ? I have to get that one for my HTC to get such a long battery timing

  54. yellow pages Reply

    Malaysian security is very high so hijacking is not possible maybe some happen from Pilot or any staff member so please pray for 239 passengers, We Miss you !

    • Nadya Reply

      “Malaysian Security is very high” Really ! ? Yet 2 people boarded the flight on fake passports 🙂

  55. mubasit siddiqui Reply

    I think some how the plane accidentally open a portal in hyper space and gone in a unknown dimension. I think thats why we are unable to find this plane. it might be possible………

    • Saif Reply

      and what about the radars and other detecting devices on the earth… had they also gone into hyper space mode :-p

  56. addee Reply

    if the phones still ringing mobile company can locate the area of roaming phones why they are not thinking about this????????

  57. bane Reply

    why they didn’t locate their phones that ringing with gps or another locator ????? I don’t believe in that!

  58. Jean Reply

    It was hijacked by alien, the troop of dajjal, they r preparing to fight with imam mahdi and jesus.

    Dajjal will mark the pessenger as half robot half human. Now they r being processed on their palace under the sea of bermuda triangle

  59. Faisal Reply

    If the phones are still ringing simply trace the bloody fones and get the location.

  60. Bomoh Reply

    The plane is still flying(without refilling) or crashed into the sea…..

    • Sharjeel Reply

      Battery charging issues ? :/ there were 239 passengers+crew… If u want to say “phones are still ring” all u need is at-least one phone with enough battery charge to ring up and that too from 239+ Phones… Is it difficult to assume and say ?

      • Jen Reply

        I pray, if nothing else, phone manufacturers develop even better technologies to create smartphones that will aid in like searches, to prevent this from ever happening again. I can’t imagine what percentage of the planet owns a smartphone, so to know that they may someday save lives makes me feel better about security breaches while owning one.

  61. Saqib Reply

    If the plane is really crashed? Why the passengers’ phones are still ringing. Are they immortal?

    • Muhammad Maaz Siddiqui Reply

      Remember.. there are water proof mobiles… :p
      plz don’t take serious 🙂

      • Abdul Salam Reply

        If phones are ringing …..investigators can locate the location through signals

    • Felicia Reply

      True that. I mean, it’s been more than a week (entering Day 9) and phones’ batteries are not immortal. If they still ring now, the phones still have batteries/power. Are there any lithium ion (types of batteries most phones used) that can stand by for 9 days in a row without being charged at all?? Plus, dont tell me out of 239 passengers all of them use old-fashioned phone with no GPS or satellite tracker system. Somebody must have iphone with location tracker activated for example. I’d say get those big phone manufacturers & providers involved in this search.

      And just leave those assumptions or imaginations (being hijacked, flying over India, crashed, exploded, and bla bla) for a while. The fact alone that phone still rings holds a major important clue and definitely cannot be disregarded.

  62. sheri Reply

    my question is ,,,the plane entered in indian boarder first……..as shown in the picture by the cheap story maker………. was it possible for the plane to enter in indian boarder and kept flying all the wy to pakistan? 🙂

    • omr Reply

      What about ISI? It must be her doing it! I m still guessing why Indian media has not come up with a fabulous story involving ISI and MH370.


  63. Adnan Reply

    is it not possible that the plane has been hijacked and the malay gov. knows this,but is performing the operation secretly.

  64. aareeba Nazeer Reply

    how can the phone ring when phone on plane are in airplane mode?

    • Sharjeel Reply

      Its not necessary to switch to airplane mode whenever u are on board… U get no network in the air… Airplane mode or no airplance mode… So its possible that many hadnt switched their phones to airplane mode…

      • haroon saeed Reply

        well if they didnt turn on airplane mode, than why dosnt the malaysian gov try tracking them using IMEI number??….(out of 239 passenger, SOMEONE’S relatives will have a box that came with the phone the passenger was carrying???)

      • Sohaib khan Reply

        It’s totally impossible that phones would be ringing dumb ass how could they work no matter you’re on plane mood or not the networks would never come in airplane so how could it work in plane there are no signals even though you’re on air plane mood or not that doesn’t matter

        • Kurnia Ramadhan

          Are u sure. I have experience when plane from some Island to another Island in Indonesia. There is someone phone in our plane ringing on the sky (20 minutes) before landing…

    • ava Reply

      And if the phones are ringing , carriers can very accurately determine the location,

    • nadir Reply


    • Usman Malik Reply

      And suppose if the phone is ringing, their location can easily be traced from the cellular operator.

    • Jimmy Afridi Reply

      Malaysia airline was the world safest airline.

      Malaysia announced 2014 as tourist year.

      Malaysia become point of every tourist in very short time..

      And there r some countries in this world who can’t see Muslim countries growing fastly.

      • Ritesh Karamchandani Reply

        Crazy….. how can u even think like this. It is because of your thought process that jihad, etc happens. Where finally the common man is affected whereas the people who plan, the organizers make good money and become more powerful.
        I pray that all passengers are safe and return home soon.

    • Anteos Reply

      They can use the plane to hit another building like 911 in a different way. They have no radar right?
      Even many military could detect a foreign object and destroy it from far, but you never know.

      I do think the plane are crashed to the sea. Just like how silk air used to said that the crash in musi lake was from pilot suicide. Engine can be broken. They just making up stories so people still want to fly with them.

  65. Makki Reply

    It’s simple. The plane is really crashed. Boeing and Malaysian Airlines do not want the pressure on their side by saying the plane crashed due to some technical problems cause this gives hard impact on their value of shares public (please read news 2 days after crashed about stock value of boeing and malaysian airlines).

    So intead of saying crashed due to technical problems then better said vanished because of human interference or we may know it as Hijack cause the problem is not on the plane machines but because of the human act.

    Well, this only a theory though but for sure I hope that Allah protects all of the passangers, whether they are all still alive or dead.

    • Craig Reply

      Oh yes, and the 2 passengers flying with stolen passports were just out on a night flight?!! you idiot! don’t quit your day job sherlock holmes LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • nuthead Reply

        Hundreds of people travel on fake passports everyday especially in third world countries.

  66. Amjad Reply

    I agreed with all above facts accept one(the last one)
    Author Why you have written tne name of Pakistan in the Headings of last fact,as your picture shown that Pakistan came after india,why not india will be written in your Heading/??
    Explain it or change it plzzz…….
    Always talk with Facts..

  67. rafael Reply

    they can trace the phones if still rings., android phones can trace ‘triangulate’ by three nearest networks. So it just happened that this is only a political game.. Anyway this is only my speculation. I just depend on your comments..

  68. Helikon Reply

    I think using the feature of steve job’s find my phone will pin a location? Provides the phone has internet while roaming.

  69. Ikram Reply

    What argues we have on ground shows that this maybe an incident but the informative facts have kept secret due to intelligent and political game…. Because we çan not imagine such useless steps taken by the authorities, As the world has entered into the latest modern equipped technology …. May God keep safe all the passenger. Ameen

  70. Singlish Reply

    its been a lot improvisation where malay especially in johor bahru are all criminals in cars,motors, house etc. now they are trying to hijacked the air plane, if true there are terorist hijacking the airplane of coursw they all malaysians as we all know all asia terorrists come from malay

  71. Bahadar Ali Reply

    First, the speculation regarding MH370 reaching Pakistan is completely baseless. It can be in any south asian state keeping in mind the remaining fuel. Secondly, in today’s modern world where super power like US and other technological advanced nations can find stars billions of light years away cant come up with a justified answer as to what happened to a plane on this very surface of our earth? Till we come to a conclusive answer, conspiracy theories will keep on increasing. As far as hijacking is concerned, I would say there is a fair chance, pilots are involved in this whole issue.

  72. cellphones Reply

    I know nothing about this flight, have no theories what happened, but I know how cell phone technology work.

    To track it cell phone need to be registered to the tower. You do not even need to call it. So it is not true that cell phone need to be answered in order to locate it. That is not true. The moment your cell phone has “signal” it can be traced.

    If phone is ringing it can be one of these things:
    – registered (in this case it can be traced, no need for answer)
    – forwarded to another phone (in this case it does not need to be registered)

    The only way that “many” phones from that flight ring is if they are all on same carrier and that if that carrier automatically forward unregistered phones (out of reach/not available) to “blank ringing”. Some carriers do this, for e.g. it’s often set by carriers that if you are not available your phone is forwarded to voice mail but if you do not setup your voicemail manually it is just empty ring. This is not a good setup and modern carriers don’t do this but it is possible.

    Anyhow it is very easy to test. If you have a gsm card on the same carrier as someone from the plane that has his phone ringing, turn off you phone and then call it, if you hear your phone ringing it’s misconfiguration by the carrier, if you get “customer you are trying to dial is currently unavailable” then that phone that’s ringing is connected to a tower and CAN be traced (no need for anyone to answer the call). Also for carrier is very easy to see if any phone is registered (connected to tower) and to see where the phone actually is, so if it is true that those phones rang the authorities do have to coordinates to those phones.

    Now, if phones really rang I can’t say, have no idea about the flight nor what’s going on with it …

    WRT black box, as said, the power of the thing is very limited and water is very hard to pierce with RF so if the box is in some very deep water it’s possible the signal is impossible to track. Problem is that many huge chunks of the plane are buoyant so it’s impossible to hide/not see that much “junk” floating in the ocean ..

  73. mashal khan Reply

    Radar signals recorded by the Malaysian military appeared to show that the missing airliner climbed to 45,000 feet, above the approved altitude limit for a Boeing 777-200, in which case i believe that the plane must have lost in space….

  74. Saad Reply

    Ammmm. If there is no any sign of explosion or crash then definitely plane has been hijacked not by regular hijacker but by MASTER MINDS….. Its 21st century where it is possible to find even a lost pin then how a board full of passengers can vanish easily? It can be the mystery of the decade… But we should all regardless our colour, creed and religion should pray for all of them to return their home soundly…….

  75. Muhammad Usman Reply

    First, May Allah save all the passengers as hopes are still alive. Second, since the plane went out of air traffic control, it may have gone in deep forest instead of sinking in the sea. Anyway I pray for best

  76. Islamic Eschatology Reply

    I have only one question to all of you… what we’ll do if something big is going on around us or we are planning to do something big? obviously we’ll change the game plan, directions and thinking of masses to see something else instead of seeing which we don’t wanted them to see.. That’s how these people do with us.. Any updates about Ukraine and Russia conflict or referendum? what about media coverage BBC, CNN, Fox or your National TV? :).. whats the most hot topic in these days in news or in US? Any news from Middle East? how about Syria? I am hoping that all passengers will remain safe and we’ll not see another big disaster like we have seen it in start of the millennium..

  77. K Zia Reply

    Read HAARP.. Those unaware of this tech … My suggestion it’s worth a google search. . You are likely to find some answers.

  78. Pak Reply

    If anything happen anywhere in the world even a birds die by nature people start blaming Pakistan. Why?

  79. salt Reply

    There is a bigger game at play. The Malay Gov knows what happened to the plane but its not telling the public for some reason. Mobile fone can be tracked, the plane can be traced via satellite but the piblic is being told very unscientific and stupid reasons.

  80. ussama Reply

    A cell phone cannot be tracked untill or unless 1 of the calls has been answered. ringing just has nuthin to do wid it…it has to be answered.

  81. pakistan Reply

    Why us always blaming muslims for everything he is more powerful than pakistan afghanistan they cn easily find a terrorist but nt large plane….. think thousand time before sharing somthing

  82. Sabih Ghayas Reply

    If their cell phones are ringing then they must be tracked. So search team should have traced the cell phones till now and then the craft can be traced out.
    Plz pay attention !!

  83. Jawaid M Chattha Reply

    Yes I agree it could have. So strong reasons why ?
    1, It is well within the 2300 miles fuel limit, all they needed was a touchdown within the boundary; No need for an airport there.

    2, The Pakistani Pilot was home sick and thought the plane was his.

    3, The Iranians who were on board the plane with forged documents could’t flee to Pakistan by foot or I suppose in one of the oil tankers that smuggle oil in to Pakistan (cheaper than forged docs).

    4, What ever goes missing blame Pakistan hey thats where Usama bin Ladin was although I’m lost with the size comparison (Usama vs Boeing 777)

    5, There would be fools out there who could gobble up anything thats on TV.

    6, Come to think of it may be Pakistan provided them with in refueling and really wanted those Iranians talk about being desperate (guess who, food for thought)

    • Farooq Reply

      time to attack pakistan because they hijacked the plane a very valid reason for NATO

      • sheri Reply

        true….bravo pakis…. took the plane all across fro indian airs…… hahahahahahahahahahah

        but its really sad to distract the suffering families by such ridiculous media prop

  84. uek Reply

    “There has been a claim of responsibility of some kind for the disappearance of the flight by a shadowy group called the Chinese Martyrs’ Brigade, officials are sceptical and have said it could be a hoax.
    The group — unheard of before now — on Sunday sent an email to journalists across China that read: “You kill one of our clan, we will kill 100 of you as payback,” but the message provided no other details.”

    seems legit… a lil bit .

  85. Tanveer Reply

    I pray of all passengers Allah Talah may help him and all of them all persons still alive .if it is hijacked plz don’t blame in pakistan .Pakistani peoples didn’t liked this about the muslin country but all of nation praying for those people. Allah is most merciful.thanks

  86. Wut Reply

    Phone phone my arse. Most of smartphones battery nowadays only last for 1-2 days at most. The fact phone was ringing because it was in 1st day. Or just a lie to give passanger family a slight hope (unlikely though). And ofc if the phone still ringing it still in near malaysia. Not in India-pakistan or south chinese sea.

  87. Irfan Ahmed Reply

    there are so many satellite also floating in the space they can track a terrorist but they cant track a 100 tons plane how is that possible ?

    • We are Malaysian Reply

      Does a satellite does recording or just LIVE activities?
      I dont think it works like CCTV where we can record an activity and have a fast/forward functions.
      Plane must have landed somewhere and been hided underground before incident was reported to lost satellite tracks.

    • Dr. CM Iqbal Reply

      In 1989 one plane with 40 passengers on board went into about 100 meters thick layer of snow somewhere around 8000 meters high mountainous range of K2/ Siachin. As yet for the last 25 years the location of plane debris could not be ascertained as the area is absulately inaccessible. Coming back to Malaysian plane, is there any possibility its crossing/ running out its fuel over Himalain Range after it strayed from it’s scheduled flight route ?

  88. Melon Reply

    Conspiracy? It might be… But for what? Were some vip(s) on board that time?
    That’s another question. And we’ll find question over some facts until we find a really leading fact… Really, this is creepy. If there’s someone behind all this, he must be so clever…

    • We are Malaysian Reply

      How true is the statement that all phones are still ringing until now? I thought all passengers should have switched off their phones when on-board? When communication signal is manually switched off in the plane then it should have blocked all types of communication to go in & out from the plane. How can they track the location?

      As for the Malaysian political issue theory, it is possible that the lost has something to do with the Malaysian government’s recent decision to jail Mr. X on 7th March, 2014. My dear Malaysian sister and brothers, please think properly before throwing any statement about this issue. You may not trust this when the real story is revealed. I would prefer to hear that the plane was found crashed somewhere rather than hearing anything about any political conspiracy. Be it International or internally.

      My scary theory is
      International political involvement (US vs Russia & Al Qaeda)
      Malaysian political conspiracy – Possible that X has instructed his party to proceed with MH370 PLAN as soon as when the MY government deciding to put him on jail. Don’t you think on the possibility that the hijackers will come up with a political demand after this and put our people in the country in a very difficult position?

      Who has the motif now? Who is the bad guy now? How could someone put his own country in real danger just because he didn’t get what he wants? I hope this theory is not true!!!

  89. Anany Reply

    That the govt of Malaysian does not know about the disappearance of this plane is stupidly funny. It is absolutely unbelievable in the 21 century.

  90. Zubair Reply

    The 10th “FACT” is very very interesting…..
    Plane had crossed so many countries without being noticed and reached Pakistan.
    Great joke by the US.

  91. Umar Reply

    If it is flown for 5 hours & reached Pakistan then wtz the problem to trace Americans here , CIA here. Moreover how big is Pakistan & how much mysterious hides in it to vanish a plane. No radar of India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh has tracked it. Stupidity at its highest point, 1- Cell phone rings but cant be traceable, 2- Plane has GPS & Black Box but not transmitting, 3- No explosion, no wreckage found but still searching in the seas, I think & hope plane has safely landed somewhere in the restricted land for purpose. Allah help them all.

  92. Curio66 Reply

    It could have gone westward towards Diego Garcia, if its yet another US ‘extraordinary rendition’ operation. This is a very, very sophisticated hijack operation.

  93. naren Reply

    Why shouldn’t they hack all the passenger’s cell phones and track the place by using GPS location?

  94. Inquisitorio Reply

    The Malaysian Government knows something we don’t know. The Military at first said that their radar spotted the plane after its transmitter was turned off but then a day later, an officer changed his mind and said it wasn’t true. But now it is true. The facts are so inconsistent. Malaysia is inexperienced and incompetent when it comes to these kinds of matters; it doesn’t help that all of its leaders are corrupt. Whatever the story turns out to be, they’re going to change it to save face. That’s Malay culture.

  95. bigguyjb81 Reply

    u guys watch too much hollywood movies….plz stop the bullshit ,unless u have relatives onboard.

  96. Augs Reply

    The Passengers’ Phones Are Still Ringing,

    Many of the loved ones of the 239 people on board the Boeing 777 have been calling them since the plane disappeared on Saturday. They have heard the phones ringing, but no one has answered.

    THEN WHY NOT TRACK the LOCATION of the PHONES that RING???? tsk tsk tsk……

  97. KrazyKat Reply

    I think the government knows something that we don’t and keeping it as a secret so nobody would panic in the meantime. They have confirmed earlier today that it was an act of terrorism. If it’s a hijack then there must be a ransom order, right?

  98. waqas Reply

    I am astonished at the 10th point that how even investigating they are speculating that it can fly up to pakistan and how ridiculous is this .

    • Khan Reply

      My name is Munawar khan. (Retired from Pakistan air force).
      point # 10 is non sense, Pakistani military radars are extra vigilant because of ongoing war against terror. Our radar operators are not sleeping.
      Check the following.
      What manufacturer of aircraft is hiding from rest of the world?

  99. Ahsan Nizam ud Din Reply

    I pray that all people on board reach there families and homes safe and sound. In 21st century it seems bizarre that still the phones are ringing and authorities have totally failed to find the plane. Moreover, India and Pakistan do have there air defense radars on there borders, if the plane would have traveled so far, then at least someone should have reported this matter.if the Malaysian military radarpicked up the airplane hours after it lost contact with air traffic control then why this was not reported prior to its disappearance?

  100. Ahmed Reply

    American game…………………. Inderectly fighting with Pakistan………….! Such master mind planning and up source can only over take by CIA and FBI………..

  101. Anonymous Reply

    now we can see that malaysian govt is stupid as like US govt.
    twin tower VS twin wing


  102. Syed Tabish Karim Reply

    I completely disagree with US media reports as mentioned in the Sr. No. 10. This is just a BULL SHIT!

  103. clive Reply

    Good point about the phones .if you go to your Google account on your puter you can track your phone ..it works on the phones built in gps/tracking that is allwsys on

  104. Jawaid M Chattha Reply

    Question, If “They have heard the phones ringing, but no one has answered.” either this not true or the fact that phones can be traced is not discovered or the plane could be on the moon where there are no mobile towers.

  105. Irtaza Munir Reply

    according to my opinion,this is similar like BERMUDA TRIANGLE MISTER,where this sort of incident happen.
    it may b some sort of gravity which vanished the AIRPLANE.something which is above our thought,which we cannot imagine.

    • Fahad Reply

      This is not THOR 2 man! This is real life lol.
      I really hope they find the plane and the passengers also. May God help them.

  106. Afrasiab Khan Tareen Reply

    The cell phones may be on divert mode, you people may have heard or use it that when ever you wish to divert you call to an other number you can if in case your cell phone is out of range.
    I have been searching about MH370 since day first, but still in dilemma, but hope for the the best if they even secured one life that would be a great news… MAY ALLAH protect all these passengers of MH370

  107. Jeetesh Reply

    Can’t imagine that in 21st century this type of things can be happen. If some one is doing then definitely is master of all. but need to know that why cell phones are not tracked, if there is a fuel for five hours then which area / location is remaining for checking and why Black box not indicating. Apart from this I would pray to GOD please help the Malaysian people. Please GOD 🙁

  108. Amir Reply

    I totally agree with samir
    Why dont they track the cell phones if they are still ringing

  109. uroy84 Reply

    Hijackers gave made mustakf and searchers will find the plane. Let’s hope at everybody is alright. Aviayn specialists must update their knowledge now. Sad and strange story.

  110. Yuyi Reply

    9. The aircraft deviated from its flight path and was picked up by a military radar a few hours later.
    -Then how come the operator of this military radar didn’t notify the authorities that this happened, allowing the authorities searching all over South China Sea for the past 5 days?

  111. Jem Reply

    hei wahab. Im malaysian. Dont make such stupid speculations. Malaysia is a small and peacefull country eventhough there are political issues in the country. Malaysian goverment ia doing their best!

    • malaysian also Reply

      Im malaysian also and i believe this is the greatest conspiracy by Malaysian Govt just for diverting the issue a day earlier… They have the military radar but only reveal after 8 days.. and after a stupid SAR…

        • jaaa

          Malay idiots, what were their military jets doing after the transponder off?

      • Muzz Reply

        my two cents, look at the timing it happened . 1:07am .. and ealier was 2:40am. knowing the culture, I believe no one dares to call anyone even if they noticed it, afraid to disturb the superior.

        As mentioned by Jumanji, you can see his perception could lead to avoidance of uncertainty, which explained all the mislead and not consistence information channeled to official media.

  112. samir Reply

    if the phones r still ringing why don’t they track the phones??!!!

    • Shahab Reply

      Probably because the phones are out of a cellular coverage area. A phone has to be within reach of a cellular network in order to be tracked..

        • Shinchan

          Sometimes phone rings on the receiver side whereas actually it is switched off…so nothing can be deduced from this

      • Otto Brekner Reply

        Before being able to receive or initiate calls, the phone has to be registered in the network. The phone talks with the network all the time and the network knows where the phone is in order to deliver the an incoming call, for example.

        So, no need for the call to be answered in order to locate the phone. The network operators can do this.

        • agus

          the phones answer the caller, and spoken: “i’am at here… ”
          No need gps.. ????

    • Well wisher Reply

      It looks like those rumors about phones were still ringing were false. If the phones were ringing it has to be connected to the network. And mobile network companies can triangulate the signal to less than 1 km radius. Its easy with modern technology and those who are involved in investigating this are not fools; they would have done that already. There are many rumors spreading about these. Hope some miracle happens and everyone survives.

  113. Ian Reply

    The black box recorders are located by a emergency location transmitter (elt) this only activates by manual selection by the crew or automatically when the aircraft crashes or the elt comes into contact with water. The transmitter has a fairly limited range especially if it is in deep water.

  114. Abdul wahab Reply

    I think that it is game of malaysian intellengence agencies. The plane have been easily reached backed to home but there is political and agency game. They will later on will show the plane and then will create a new story.

    • jumanji Reply

      Abdul Wahab.
      Dont make such stupid speculations.
      You are not even in politics, neither in army or comm sector.

      Please keep your chimp instinct inside.
      Its stinks.

      • Xyz Reply

        U also stop saying lije that… Everybody has right to say whatever he wanrs

      • Anonymous Reply

        Oh Hello, who the hell are you to stop him for saying this. Everyone has right to speak OK.
        How long the matter of MH370 is concerned, our prayers are with them. Where is your so called technology which is shown in movies? Why your technology is not supporting you in this case, is that technology upto movies? HUh!
        Abdul Wahab is right, something new is chalking out to overcome the Pakistan after 9/11.

    • Imad Reply

      Yes Brother U R Right!!!

      I am Air Force retired Officer worked in Air Operations & Control Centre, none a small single engine aircraft can cross any country with out ATC / FIR Clearance, and how MH370 Commercial Airline fly 5 hours without any Ground Radar / surveillance Radar or Satellite Picked that as UNKNOWN TRACK and intercepted that ?

      it is second game after Sep 11. Reason behind should be political…

      • Jen Reply

        Hi Imad,
        When you say the planes can’t fly without clearance, I experienced this once while a friend took me along in a private plane. Is it true that when pilots need clearance, they have to radio the control center verbally? I am curious what the last conversation between them and the pilot was.

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