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10 Futuristic Technologies That Will Be Commercially Available In The Next 6 Months

Technological advancements being made are huge, and we are surpassing all barriers. Here’s a list of 10 technologies that depict just how technologically advanced our future is slated to be.

10. Audio Tooth Implant

Now you’ll be able to make phone calls via touch of your tongue. How cool is that?

9. Touchscreen T-Shirts

Yes, you can monitor your body’s vitals via this shirt. Amazing, right?

8. The Smart Kitchen

Prisma Smart Kitchen makes use of Galaxy Tab technology to merge technology with your kitchen. Here are some of smart kitchen accessories that you can own today.

7. Your Own Personal Drone

Another technology is becoming more and more consumer oriented. You can spy on your neighbors or use it for capturing videos. Here is a collection of commercially available drones.

6. Robot Lawn Mower

Yes, you can now lay back and chill while this amazing piece of gadget works in the lawn and fixes the grass. You can get one here.

5. The Ampbot

It stands over two feet tall and is covered in speakers. It has been created by Hasbro and will cost you $500. It follows the user around like a puppy while playing their favorite tunes. You can get some commercially available Rovers from here.

4. The Oculus Rift And Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift is about to be released for consumers and that is bound to take gaming and watching videos to next level of awesomeness. Available here.

3. 3D Printers

This one needs no introduction. It is becoming more and more common. We even have 3D printers that can 3D print 3D printers! Here are the 10 best 3D printers.

2. The Eye Tribe

This almost ready software tracks the user’s eye movements and allows the user to play games, scroll through the web or even control the computer.

1. The RYNO

RYNO-11.jpg Ryno one wheel bike downloaded from http://rynomotors.com/gallery/ by Richard Taylor

This is how Segway would look if Batman had designed it. Although it is in prototype phase right now, you might want to start saving up for it. Meanwhile, you can get hold of one of these 10 best Hoverboards.