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10 Best Cases For HTC Desire 626

HTC Desire 626 was released in February 2014 and sold really well, but still could not compete the sales of adjacent models of Samsung and Apple. The phone still has a good number of users with new users coming in everyday. Therefore, we decided to cover the 10 best cases for HTC Desire 626.

10. HTC Desire 626 Case , TopLiok(4$)

A thing TPU gel case which protects your phone from dust and dirt. The case also offers a bit of protection against impacts.
You can get one here

9. HTC 626 Case, Harryshell(3$)

Mesmerizing art on this case will leave anyone breathless. A slim scratch resistant TPU gel cover helps maintain that “out of the box” shine.
You can get one here

8. HTC Desire 626 Case, LK (8$)

A tough and durable dual layered case. With soft TPU interior and hard polycarbonate exterior, it gives premium protection against hard impacts, scratches and dirt.
You can get one here

7. HTC Desire 626s Case, E-Time (TM)(5$)

A dual layered holster case with a rotating belt swivel and a kickstand. The case has everything and we believe at 5$ it is a bargain.
You can get one here

6. MINITURTLE case(10$)

Mini turtle has a wide variety of case designs on offer.  Almost all the cases are made from synthetic rubber material and have a raised lip on the edges to protect the screen. There are so many designs/art to choose from for the case that we recommend that you go and check them your self on amazon
You can get one here

5. HTC Desire 626 Case,NageBee(7$)

Another manufacturer which as stunning artistic designs. One we have featured on our list epitomizes the quality of art on all the cases offered at the same price by NageBee. The case is entirely made from TPU while corners are reinforced with plastic.
You can get one here

4. DuroCase ® HTC Desire 626(9.42$)

Flexible silicone case with a splendid design.  The flexibility accounts for easy installation and removal of the case.
You can get one here

3. Htc Desire 626 by Storm Buy (8$)

A light-weight yet a durable case. The case features a kickstand as well which helps in watching videos/movies on your smart phone.
You can get one here

2. HTC Desire 626 case by Evocel(10$)

A strong dual layered case. With inside lined with TPU material while outer covering made of polycarbonate. This case offers 10/10 protection and at an affordable price.
You can get one here

1. HTC Desire 626 by Star Shop(5$)

A 3 in 1 case which offers dual layered protection with the help of polycarbonate material and TPU gel. The case also has a rotating belt swivel for ease of use and a kickstand. All we can say is that we are shocked at price of 5$ being offered.
You can get one here

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