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These 10 Demolition Fails Will Make You Rethink The Simplicity Of The Process


Watching the best-controlled demolitions are really a spectacular sight. The whole process looks very simple. However, it is not as simple as it looks. Here are 10 examples of demolitions which didn’t go as expected. Luckily no one was injured was in any of these events.


This failed demolition took place in Russia. The details are unknown but it is hilarious.


Detroit wanted to bring down the old Pontiac Silverdome. But the stadium didn’t want that.


This storage tower in Redbank, Australia also refused to go down. A 220-pound explosive charge left it leaning for almost 40 minutes after which jackhammers were used to weaken the base.


The Zip Feed Mill Tower in Sioux Falls, South Dakota settled down into its basement and didn’t go any further.


This illegal unfinished 16-story building in Sevastopol, Crimea was blown but it leaned instead.

Another two charges were set to finally blow it away.


This building in Liuzhou, China was planned to break into two parts. The first part went fine but then the second part had to be removed using cranes and wrecking balls.


This demolition in Turkey could have turned into a disaster if all the building hadn’t stopped in time.


These towers at the thermal generating plant in New Brunswick refused to go down when the explosions in their base went off.


When this old silo was demolished in Denmark, it went in the entirely opposite direction. A part of the local cultural center was damaged but no one was hurt, fortunately.


When this tower at the Mad River Power Plant in Ohio was exploded, the workers decided to cut some wires at the base of the tower. As a result, the tower fell in the opposite direction tearing down some power lines.