Watch These 19 Chinese Buildings Turn To Dust In 10 Seconds

19 buildings demolished

Chaos in any shape and form is music to our generation’s ears. Thus today, we present a video of a real-time massive destruction of the sky-high buildings in China that collapsed into rubble and dust.

Recently, 19 buildings in total, each one being seven to 12 stories high were simultaneously imploded in a beautiful pandemonium to make way for a new and improved business center in Hankou, Hubei, central China. The most surprising part of all was that everything happened within 10 seconds and was conducted just after the stroke of midnight on Sunday, 22 January 2017 given the hustle and bustle of the area during the day.

The implosion is reportedly the largest ever in China, taking down 15 hectares in area. The structures required more than 5 tons of explosives to be placed in 120,000 locations, resulting in a massive blast adjacent to an operational train line.

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