Watch 15 Skyscrapers Blown Up At The Same Time In Mass Demolition

Have you ever used the sentence ‘let’s go back to the drawing board’? This usually means that a new journey will start, although you may have to use explosives before you begin a new business if your existing project is a set of incomplete skyscrapers.

On Friday, a mass demolition took place in southwestern China, destroying 15 high-rise towers worth nearly one billion Chinese yuan ($154 million) in a matter of seconds, and it’s an impressive sight to see.

The buildings, located in Kunming, the capital of China’s Yunnan Province, were part of the Liyang Star City Phase II project that was first initiated a decade ago and had been sitting there unfinished for several years now, Taiwan News reported. The project being constantly interrupted did not resume until late last year after government interference. Finally, a real estate business acquired the property rights.

The real estate firm assessed that the project could not match existing market expectations due to the delay in construction activity, local media reported. In addition, rainwater has ruined building foundations. Therefore, a decision to demolish the structures with explosives was the best possible solution available.

According to China’s state-run Xinhua News, 4.6 tons of explosives were placed at 85,000 blasting points in the buildings. On the day of the explosions, about 2,000 households with 5,300 people were evacuated. The blast zone is considered the largest in China, covering 5.38 million square feet (500,000 square meters) area.

The last building is highly applauded for its high-quality construction, such as the Leaning Tower. However, it will also be taken down with explosives, local media stated.

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