10 Best Winter Tires For Best Traction And Durability

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Driving is a skill that is best acquired by high amounts of real world practice & good tutelage. So snow just adds another dimension to it. Driving in the Snow can be very hard and not at all possible if you do not have the right accessories to assist your driving. Your all-season tires may not fit the bill in heavy snow, so it is crucial that you buy the right set of snow tires for your vehicle. So check out this list of 10 best Winter tires and let us know your favourite tire in the comments section below.

10. Yokohama iceGUARD iG52c(66$)

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These are  Yokohama BluEarth branded meaning they are the most eco-friendly tires from the manufacturer.  These set of wheels have a flat center rib ensuring higher contact for dryer conditions. Ample groves also mean that these can dispel any water or ice providing traction. They are ideal for lightweight sedans.
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9. Nokian WR G3(120$)

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Nokian operates the only winter tire testing facility in the world. These tires use a NanoBase compound that has better molecular bonding between natural and synthetic polymers, so these tires are better at dispelling heat and have a longer lasting tread wear.
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8. BFGoodrich All-Terrain A/T KO2(190$)

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These tires are ideal for an SUV. If you are planning to go off road in the winter, then consider these. The special feature of this tire is its side-biter lugs, which are located on the tire’s sidewalls, so when you’re in deep mud and snow, traction is improved beyond the tread face.
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7. Hankook Winter I*Pike(90$)

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These tires are “studdable”, but the wide V shape threads in the middle ensure that they provide the best grip during wet/snowy conditions in the winter. At the price of $90, they are also a magnificent bargain buy.
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6. BFGoodrich Winter Slalom KSI(99$)

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BFGoodrich’s carefully engineered tread pattern has a high density of extra-long sides to provide maximum bite in icy conditions. They help in squeezing the water out of the contact path while also reducing noise. These are the best value for money winter tires.
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5. Falken Eurowinter HS449(140$)

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Japanese high-performance tire brand Falken participated in American Le Mans Series, endurance racing and high-profile drift racing. So you would assume that a brand that is familiar with getting sideways on the tarmac can hold its own in the snow. Falken’s Eurowinter HS449 combines silica-enriched rubber, 3D siping and directional tread to provide ample traction on snow and ice; staggered rubber blocking cuts down tire noise and improves performance on dry pavement.
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4. General AltiMAX Arctic(91$)

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These are the best-studded tires. Considering your location & subsequent regulations, you can buy these. These tires are extremely rugged, and the rubber is specifically designed to maintain its flexibility even in subzero temperatures. Multi-angle siding across the entire face of the tire improves traction while directional pattern grooves aid stability and water evacuation at speed.
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3. Michelin X-Ice Xi3(120$)

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Michelin is one of the top tire manufacturers in the world. The tire offers terrific traction on ice and snow, even good in dry conditions. This is a top tire for your sedan, coupe, minivan or crossover that doesn’t sacrifice too much of your vehicle’s fuel economy.
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2. Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3(150$)

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This tire is designed for mild winter conditions but is ideal for drivers who want to go out for a run on their high-performance sports cars. It offers plenty of snow and slush traction, with the kind of handling you’d expect from a performance tire with an asymmetrical tread pattern. Inner angled treads grab the corners while the longitudinal center and outer grooves channel away water and snow offering excellent grip.
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1. Bridgestone Blizzak WS80(114$)

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When it comes wet weather traction these tires are the best. WS70, its predecessor was rated as the best winter tire last year and WS80 carries on the good work. Though there is no doubting its excellence in wet weather handling it was the dry weather where WS70 lacked and WS80 has done exactly that with firmer tread blocks.The tire also features more biting edges on the now smaller shoulder blocks on the inner and outer edges of the tire; according to Bridgestone, that increases the tire’s ice and snow traction by 10 percent.
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