10 Best Life Jackets That You Can Depend On 2019

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Whether going on a boat ride, fishing or surfing, life jackets are important whether you know swimming or not. Though the summer season has formally ended but we decided to make this list anyway for you to consider when going for fishing or boat riding. So check out the list of 10 best Life Jackets and let us know your favourite life jacket in the comments section below

10. Basic Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket By Hardcore Water Sports(20$)

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This life jacket is designed to fit anyone over 90lb.  Chest size is adjustable from 25″ to 50″ and the jacket has 3 straps to securely tighten around the person.
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9. MW Adult Universal Life Jacket(20$)

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This life vest is similar to no.10 but this one is USCG(U.S. Coast Guard) Approved Type III. Apart from that, the vest proves to be more durable resisting wear and tear.
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8. Polyester Foam Life Jacket Vest by Bangood(21$)

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This life jacket has EPE high buoyancy foams. Interior outlets present in the design also help drain water much faster making this life jacket pretty handy.
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7. ONYX Adult General Purpose Live Vest(32$)

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Onyx is a reputed supplier of outdoor equipment. Everything they sell has a certain degree of build quality and this consistency is spread across their products. So at 32$ you can rest assure that you are buying the right safety equipment.
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6. Flowt Type II AK-1 Life Jacket(30$)

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This lifejacket is much light weight than others. This jacket allows you to do other things more easily, as opposed to others it has only a single strap.
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5. O’Brien Traditional Neo Life Vest(75$)

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A high-quality life vest which is designed for water sport enthusiasts. The best thing about the design is that it has a zipper and not only straps.
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4. Scubapro Cruiser Vest(80$)

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This vest has an oral inflator which gives you better control. The vest also has convenient pocket for storing personal affects & a 1/8″ Neoprene layer which adds warmth while not compromising comfort.
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3. Absolute Outdoor Kent Adult Compliance PFD Type II Life Jacket(160$)

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This jacket has many models ranging between 30-160$. The best models with high durability,comfort and buoyancy come over 100$.
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2. Stearns Adult General Purpose Life Vest(100$)

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Type III, US Coast Guard approved for use on board a boat. As per manufacturer it is made from Durable Crosstech® flotation foam which increases buoyancy. Users seem pretty satisfied with the overall safety provided.
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1. O’Neill Wake Waterski Men’s Superlite USCG Vest(54$)

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One of the most popular life vests on the internet. The vest has 4 straps, and made from the best materials to increase durability and buoyancy. A must have for your outdoor trips.
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