10 Best Vise Grip Clamps 2019

10 best Vise Clamps (4)

Vise clamps are used extensively during cutting, fastening, riveting, or welding applications. They help to hold the workpiece in place allowing any job to be done much more precisely. Citing their wide use, we have compiled a list of 10 best Vise grip clamps that every engineer should have.

10. TEKTON 3815 Locking C-Clamp (7.77$)

10 best Vise Clamps (5)

This clamp has simple one-handed grip along with speed action spring system that speeds up the work process. Additionally, the forged and hardened steel jaws are very durable.

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9. 3 Piece Locking C-Clamp Plier Set (19.76$)

10 best Vise Clamps (1)

The set includes three clamps of sizes; 6”, 11”& 18” and have the respective throat depths of 1-1/2″, 2-3/4″& 9-3/4″. Made from solid steel, the clamps are perfect for professional use.

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8. Blue Monkey Shop 3pc C-Clamp Set (24.95$)

10 best Vise Clamps (4)

3pc Welders clamping set that includes 8″ Sheet metal clamp 9″ Welding clamp and an 11″ Locking C-clamp. This affordable set might be perfect for beginners.

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7. Grip-On HFKIT 4-Piece (102.57$)

10 best Vise Clamps (2)

The set contains two versatile omnium-grip 10-Inch locking pliers and two grip-holders in a viny bag for easy storage and carry. The grip holders allow you to attach firmly the pliers to the work bench ensuring a proper working environment.

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6. Maxcraft 60307 3-pc. Mini Locking Pliers Set (13.07$)

10 best Vise Clamps (8)

The clamps have chrome plated finish that resists corrosion. The set includes 4-inch curved jaw locking pliers,  5-inch long nose locking pliers & a5-inch Locking C-Clamp. The set is ideal for compact working environments and small projects.

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5. Hobart 770115 “C” Locking Pliers(6.99$)

10 best Vise Clamps (3)

Hobart is one of the popular dealers for hardware online, and that is down to their consistent quality in all of their products. This Rugged plated tool is easy to use and can last a lifetime. You have the option of buying a 9″ length clamp or a 3″ one.

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4. Strong Hand Tools PG114V Pipe Pliers (35.49$)

10 best Vise Clamps (6)

These pipe pliers are different from the rest and especially designed to hold cylindrical objects. The product has two large V-clamps that provide stable clamping service, and it can hold up to 2-1/2″ dia pipes.

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3. Northern Industrial Welders 11in. Locking C-Clamps(33.56$)

10 best Vise Clamps (9)

Five piece set is one of the most durable on our list. Made of drop-forged and hardened carbon steel these clamps are also nickle plated therefore theycan last for a much longer time.

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2. CH Hanson 06200(18.60$)

10 best Vise Clamps (10)

The clamps have Chrome molybdenum steel construction and present a non-slip texture grip for ease of use. The clamps have a lifetime warranty that showws the confiedence of the manufacturer in it’s product.

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1. IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Clamp Set (65.99$)

10 best Vise Clamps (7)

These most popular vise clamps in the market today as they have nearly a 100 customer reviews and 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon.com. Quick change clamps can apply almost 300 pounds of force where as the I-beam bar reduces flexing & bowing.

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