10 Best Bicycle Locks To Keep Your Bike Safe From Theft

10 Best Bicycle Locks (2)

There is a plethora of bicycle locks available in the market and selecting the right one is a daunting task. The problem is compounded by the fact that the wrong choice can lead to dire consequences.

Bicycle thefts are common, so it is better to use the right bicycle locks to secure them when you are away. We have listed some of the best bicycle locks that won’t let you down.

10. Kinetiplex Bike Lock (23.97$)

10 Best Bicycle Locks (8)

It is a 5-digit combination lock, made from a high-grade steel cable. This relatively new arrival has garnered a lot of positive reviews.

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9. WordLock WLX Hex MatchKey Cable Bike Lock (10$)

10 Best Bicycle Locks (6)

It is a match key lock, and each unit comes with its own, unique key. The laser-etched key ensures that no one can copy the design.

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8. Bike Cable Lock, Alaska Bear® (9.99$)

10 Best Bicycle Locks (5)

The vinyl-coated cable is 4′(1.2m) long and  1/2″ (12mm) in diameter. You get a mounting bracket on the purchase of this lock that helps in easy installation. the design is ideal for bicycles, strollers, ATVs, skateboards, sports equipment, tools, and gates.

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10 Best Bicycle Locks (4)

This U-lock can double as an LED light for your bike as well. The manufacturer claims that it has been made from military grade steel, so the lock is very durable and resists corrosion.

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6. The Club UTL810 Utility Lock (24.40$)

10 Best Bicycle Locks (9)

This lock is unique in design, and its length can be adjusted from 8.5 inches up to 11.5 inches. The device can withstand pressures of over 1500 pounds.

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5. Etronic ® Security Lock M4 (7.49$)

10 Best Bicycle Locks (7)

Etronic offers many different colour combinations for their cable locks. Each product is about 1.2m long and 8mm in diameter. The manufacturer has even added in a clip to attach the lock to your bike when you are travelling.

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4. Master Lock 8143D (5.98$)

10 Best Bicycle Locks (3)

This lock is an Amazon best-seller and offers the best value for money. The steel cables used in its design are long & flexible, making the device robust. The lock needs no physical keys and opens using a combination lock.

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3. Bici U-Lock Bike Bicycle Bracket(18.99$)

10 Best Bicycle Locks (10)

It is one of the most durable bikes locks out there! The water resistant coating prevents the rusting of the assembly while the adjustable size can fit any bike.

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2. KRYPTONITE KryptoLok Series (33.87$)

10 Best Bicycle Locks (1)

13mm hardened Performance steel used in the manufacturing of the shackle resists cutting and leverage attacks. The complete kit comes with two keys in case you lose one. The device can easily be adjusted from 25mm up to 80mm.

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1. Xtreme Bright Illumilock, Combinational Lock (15.67$)

10 Best Bicycle Locks (2)

Xtreme Bright has a great variety of quality products. We have already mentioned one of their products at number 7. However, this model stands apart from the crowd of other locks owing to its high durability & ease of use. For starters, you, are not required to manage a key.  Additionally, the high consumer rating & positive feedback compelled us to give the number #1 spot to this lock.

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