10 Best Tumble Towers

10 Best Tumble Towers (1)

Tumble Towers are a great pass time for kids and are available at an affordable cost. The classical stack game comes in various sizes and can even be engaging for adults. Seeing the recent interest in tumble towers, we decided to make a list of some of the best tumble towers you can buy online. So give our article a read and tell us what you think in the comment section.

10. Classic Games Colored Wood Tumble Tower (20.30$)

10 Best Tumble Towers (3)

48 piece coloured wooden pieces are sure to keep your kids busy. Once stacked, this comparatively small tower stands 11 inches tall and 4 inches wide.

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9. Ideal Timber Tumble Stacking Game (11.68$)

10 Best Tumble Towers (2)

This tower also has a total of 48 pieces and is excellent for two players to play. Like the previous one, this tower also stands at 11 inches tall when fully constructed.

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8. EasyGO Large Stack & Tumble Giant Wood Stacking & Tumble Tower Blocks Game (79.99$)

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A massive tumble tower that even the adults can get to play with. When fully constructed the tower stands at almost 4 feet tall. The entire tower weighs 20pounds.

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7. Slapdash by BAXBO Stack and Crash Game (13.95$)

10 Best Tumble Towers (1)

This tumble tower has some of the most durable pieces made from high-quality solid wood. The 12-inch high tower may also look good while being placed on your coffee table.

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6. Belknap Hill Trading Post Towering Timbers (119.95$)

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Belknap product can stand as high as 5 feet and has a total of 72 blocks. Unfinished wooden blocks feature smooth round edges and weighs nearly 35 pounds.

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5. WE Games Tumbling Tower Game (23.99$)

10 Best Tumble Towers (8)

The game measures  12 x 4 x 4 inches and thanks to a wooden box, it is easy to store. The box also has a template on it which helps you make the tower initially.

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4. GoSports Giant Toppling Tower (109.99$)

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This tower has a total of 54 blocks which account for 18 rows making the tower over 5 feet tall. The game comes with its soft bag that makes it easy to store and carry. Wooden pieces have a glossy finish and have smooth edges.

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3. Cardinal Industries Toppling Tower (8.08$)

10 Best Tumble Towers (5)

 One of the best value of money buys on our list. This small tumble tower comes with 48 pieces of wood and unlike the other small tumble towers, this one comes with clear instruction making it easy to play the game.

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2. Jenga Classic Game (8.97$)

10 Best Tumble Towers (9)

One of most popular tumble towers on our list as it is the amazon.com best-seller with more than 1000 reviews and 4.5/5 star rating. The tower can stand at almost 1.5 feet tall and includes a total of 54 blocks.

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1. Uber Games Giant Tumble Tower Game (139$)

10 Best Tumble Towers (6)

The tallest tumble tower on our list as it grows at almost 5.5 feet. The tower weighs over 40 pounds once completed and can engage an entire family. Therefore, making it the best tumble tower on our list.


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