10 Best Humanoid Robots That You Can Buy

10 Best Humanoid Robots (2)

Humanoid robots pertain to machines that can work or display human-like physical features. Affordable ones that are usually used as toys are mostly remote controlled, but advanced devices have a complex network of sensors and onboard computers that enable them to function on their own. Most life-like humanoids are still under government research and are well beyond the reach of a common man, but their lesser versions have hit the market & are readily used by students for research at academic facilities. Today, we have made a list of 10 best humanoid robots that you can buy right now.

Gowe® 17DOF Biped Robotic Educational Kit (349$)

Gowe® 17DOF Biped Robotic Educational Kit

A rudimentary humanoid robots that built using a very basic design. The robot has 17 servo motors, all which can be controlled using a microcontroller such as an Arduino, hence this is a great module for beginners to learn from.

Available Here

MiP Robot by Wow Wee (84.93$)

MiP Robot by Wow Wee

A simple robot that runs on wheels. The robot can navigate its surroundings, detect hand gestures and even follow objects around. For the price, the robot offers great features.

Available Here!

Meccano MeccaNoid G15 KS (199$)

Meccano MeccaNoid G15 KS

Meccano is one of the best company that provides modular robotic. This kit is controlled by ‘Meccabrain’ and due to 10 DC motors, it has very realistic movements.

Available Here!

WowWee Robosapien X Humanoid Robots (89.90$)

WowWee Robosapien X Humanoid Robots

Robosapien is popular with hobbyists and students alike. The RC controlled robot stands 14″ tall and is easily controllable through Android or iPhone. It has fully functional arms with secure rubberized grippers and life like walking gait.

Available Here!

ROBOTIS Mini DIY Robot Kit (498.99$)

ROBOTIS Mini DIY Robot Kit

The kit includes 16 Dynamixel XL-320 servos and a fully customizable 3D printed frame. Once completed by the user, the robot can be controlled by any smartphone or can walk independently.

Available Here!

Tomy I-SOBOT Humanoid Robots (413.25$)

Tomy I-SOBOT Humanoid Robots

The robot is packed with 200 words and 250 pre-programmed movements. The program memory can be over-written, and the sensor acquisition can be customized. The robot can listen to voice commands and is powered by 4 AAA batteries.

Available Here!

UBTECH Alpha 1S Intelligent Humanoid Robots (499$)

UBTECH Alpha 1S Intelligent Humanoid Robots

The robot is perhaps one of the most dexterous. The machine utilizes 16 servo motors and can be controlled remotely, thanks to a Bluetooth 4.0 transceiver. The robot can be fully programmed using company provided software.

Available Here!

ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium Kit [US-110V] (1198.99$)

ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium Kit [US-110V]

The kit includes various sensors such as the gyro, sonar, IR and even external ports to add your sensor. The kit can be programmed in a c-style programming language that allows a high degree of versatility.

Available Here!

ROBOTIS Bioloid GP Robot Kit [US-110V] (2798.99$)

ROBOTIS Bioloid GP Robot Kit [US-110V]

One of the most expensive kit on our list. The robot utilizes 17 servo motors and stabilizes itself during walking by the means of a gyro sensor. The robot uses the manufacturer own programming tool known as ‘Roboplus.’ The entire assembly weighs about 18.3 pounds.

Available Here!

WowWee FemiSapien Humanoid Robots (799.99$)

WowWee FemiSapien Humanoid Robots

WowWee’s premium product can perform a variety of tasks. The robot comes with 36 functions and 20 interactive routines along with 60 other hidden routines to explore. The robot responds to touch and voice commands whereas it can also be controlled using a remote.

Available Here!

Honourable Mention: Nao and Pepper Robots

Pepper Robots

Made by Aldebaran, these are the most popular and most advanced robots that are currently being commercially sold. We did not add them to the list because their sale is limited to a few countries and are preferred to be sold to educational institutions rather than individuals. Nao is small and can be used for testing advanced algorithms whereas Pepper has displayed to accomplish household tasks.

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