10 Best Tech Christmas Gifts For Dad

10 Best Christmas gifts for dad (2)

Giving gifts for Christmas is a tradition but it can sometimes get a little confusing. With so many gadgets in the market today, you just can not decide what to gift and what not too, so that’s where we come in. We have carefully compiled a list of tech items that would make an excellent gift for your dad this holiday season. So check out this list and do tell us what you choose for your dad on this Christmas.

10. Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard(27.99$)

10 Best Christmas gifts for dad (2)

Maybe touch screen is not your dad’s thing and he prefers to type away his documents even on his iPad. Most people like a keyboard once occasionally with their tablets, so this Bluetooth keyboard would be ideal as a gift. It connects to almost any device and makes typing lengthy documents a breeze!

Available Here

9. iRobot Roomba 880(699.9$)

10 Best Christmas gifts for dad (9)

Nothing screams future better than a robot vacuum cleaner. iRobot has been working on this device quite a while and, in fact, a range different robots, ranging from pool to gutter cleaners.

Available Here

8.  Fitbit Charge HR(141.95$)

10 Best Christmas gifts for dad (3)

One of the best fitness trackers per cost. From monitoring sleep cycles to monitoring your heart rate, this is an ideal fitness companion.

Available Here

7. CamKix Kit(59.99$)

10 Best Christmas gifts for dad (5)

This 4 in 1 kit makes taking high-quality pictures from your smart phone a lot easy. The set includes various lenses such as wide angle fish-eye, and all of them are made from aluminum.

Available Here

6. Roku 4(125.80$)

10 Best Christmas gifts for dad (4)

One of best setup boxes for streaming media. The device has over 2500+ streaming channels, and it provides brilliant picture quality for 4K Ultra HD TVs as well. As a bonus, it also includes voice search feature.

Available Here

5. Amazon Fire(49.99$)

10 Best Christmas gifts for dad (6)

We were going to include a Kindle, but if Amazon has an entirely functional tablet at a just fraction of a cost, then what is the use. The device has 8GB of internal storage that can be extended and supports an HD screen making your experience even greater.

Available Here

4. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer(129.99$)

10 Best Christmas gifts for dad (1)

This little portable printer allows you print directly from your Smart Phone or tablet either via Bluetooth or NFC technology. It uses no ink and works with Works With PREMIUM Zink zero papers.

Available Here

3. Apple iPad Air 2(436.99$)

10 Best Christmas gifts for dad (8)

Available in 3 different memory sizes 16 GB, 64 GB and 124GB it is the best Apple tablet to date. It has crystal clear  2048×1536 resolution screen and has an average battery life of 10 hours. 

Available Here

2. Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer(149.95$)

10 Best Christmas gifts for dad (7)

The smart weight scale can measure not only weight but also heart rate, body fat and air quality at the same time. It automatically uploads readings on your smartphone as well giving a complete picture of your health.

Available Here

1. Samsung Gear S2 Classic(299$)

10 Best Christmas gifts for dad (10)

The best smartwatch in the market today. Powered by Samsung’s Tizen OS, the watch interfaces seamlessly with any smartphone and the rotating brezel for navigation is an impressive feature. It can be charged wireless and makes for a perfect gift.

Available Here


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