10 Best Laptop Combination Locks That Every Laptop Owner Should Use

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Combinational locks along with cables are a good way to secure your laptops or notebooks. By securely attaching your device with a table, desk or unmovable large object you are relieved from the stress of theft of your device. Additionally, combinational locks also do not require you to carry a key around with you which can be easily misplaced. So here are some of best combinational locks for laptops that you can buy online right now.

10. Maclocks 4-Dial Combination Laptop Lock with 6-Foot Cable(47.99$)

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The lock has a possible of 10,000 combinations, and the six-foot cable works with almost any brand or equipment by protecting it from theft.

Available Here

9. Dell 6-Foot Laptop Combination Security Cable Lock K-Slot – XX5WV(13.99$)

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Dell is the premium brand for computer accessories, so it comes with no surprise that their combinational locks are one of the best in the business. Fits laptops with a k slot or Kensington lock.

Available Here

8. CODi 4-Digit Combination Notebook Computer Titanium Cable Lock(189.99$)

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This is available in a pack of 25. With a 5mm diameter titanium cable, your computer is secured, so it is ideal for use in classrooms, office or individual use. The patented design features a hardened steel lock head built to resist tampering and endure wear.

Available Here

7. Etekcity 6 Feet Notebook Laptop Computer Combination Lock and Security Cable(12.99$)

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Four digit lock allows you make 10,000 combinations. The cable is made with galvanized twisted steel with PVC coating making it extra durable while keeping your device secure.

Available Here

6. “Orange Shopping Deals’ ” Laptop Combination Lock(12.99$)

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The four feet 4mm diameter cable perfectly anchors your laptop to the table, desk or any object. You do not have to worry about the key as the lock does not require it and works only with a combination. The design is easy to use and weighs 4.8 ounces.

Available Here

5. RUBAN 6.2 Foot Universal Security Cable For Notebook Laptop or PC(12.99$)

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This combinational look cable works with some versions of MacBook as well. Like most it is made from galvanized steel and 6.2-foot length allows you a little more dexterity.

Available Here

4. Elecs Laptop Lock Security Cable(6.28$)

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From laptops to plasma screens this cable can be used on multiple types of devices to prevent them from theft. The combination for the lock is easy to set with just the press of a button, and it weighs just 4 ounces.

Available Here

3. Kensington K64673AM Combination Laptop Lock(18.98$)

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An Amazon.com bestseller, Kensington strives on the consistent quality of its brand. This combinational lock is one of the most durable out there as it is made with a combination of steel and aluminum.

Available Here

2. 6 foot Laptop Security Cable for Noteguard Universal Notebook by Generic(47.99$)

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Though this combinational lock cable is expensive, it is one the best out there. The build quality of this gadget is far better than others, and it does not feel flimsy like some of the others on the list.

Available Here

1. Sendt Black Notebook / Laptop Combination Lock Security Cable(14.99$)

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The most popular combinational lock, out there for laptops. The lock + cable has over 200 positive reviews on Amazon.com with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Made from zinc alloy material the cable & the lock are quite tough, and it is even shipped with a one-year warranty.

Available Here




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