10 Best Survival Kits 2020


Note: When buying anything online, please exercise good judgment especially in case of buying anything for protection against coronavirus or COVID-19. Please refer to the CDC website for accurate information.  

Pandemics have scared people to want to live on their own away from crowded city centers. However, to survive in the wilderness is not for the faint of hearts, the following are ten important items that will ensure you stay safe and alert in the dark.

BaoFeng BF-F8HP Two-Way Radio

Communication is the key to a successful survival tactic in the outdoor. In emergencies, having a means of communication that belongs to you alone is crucial. The BaoFeng 8 watts two-way radio is a powerful communication device for the outdoor. As great survival lit, this durable, reliable radio has a range of 65 – 108 MHz, commercial FM reception, UHF and VHF channel available with impeccable clarity. You can get more VHF radio info for an informed decision

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Portable Radio with Flashlight, USB port, and Compass

If you are going to stay in isolation, you need a good appliance to stay ahead of the trail. This compact radio has all you require to survive in the outdoor. It comes with a 5 watts super bright flashlight that allows you to see into the darkness and a USB port to charge your phone and keep you connected to the outside world.

Besides been a radio, it has a compass, to ensure you don’t get missing, an emergency alarm system in times of trouble, a reading lamp that is not as bright as the flashlight with FM/AM connectivity and consistent weather alerts that give you a heads up about the climate condition.

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SUWIKEKE Survival Kit for the Wilderness

Proper preparation equals success; this versatile survival kit contains all the tools you need to stay alive during pandemics. This professional kit consists of 14 different tools neatly arranged in a durable strong pursue. It includes survival bracelet, knife, a fire started, fire bellows, flashlight, wire saw, water bottle clip, blanket, cutleries, and many more. It is lightweight, portable, and waterproof keeping the items inside safe and dry.

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Surviveware portable First Aid kit

The outdoors is very dangerous, and one can never be too careful. This compact, lightweight first aid kit comes in a durable, strong 600D polyester material with 100 life-saving items for the road. The bag and its contents are water-resistant, and waterproof respectively, ready to use in cases of an emergency. Each item is arranged in their small pouch and clearly labeled according to importance. It is so light; you will not even remember it’s attached to your backpack.

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GO Time Gera Life Emergency Tent

Sleep is crucial to the survival of a survivalist, and a great place is one that will bring you peace and undue comfort. The Go Time emergency tent is simple to set up a sleeping unit that will protect you against all the pathogens and flying microorganisms. This tent will accommodate two people, comes with an SOS whistle, and will keep you dry in wet or damp conditions. The best part is the paracord synch technology that enables easy fold ups.

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Oulin Camping Folding Shovel

Digging with your hands is no fun, and carrying a regular shovel isn’t either. The Oulin foldable shovel is a military-grade emergency dig tool for any soil. This multi-purpose 15-in-1 tool kit contains a shovel, hammer, knife, screwdriver, and many more everyday handyman tools to keep you out of trouble. All these come in a small carrying pouch to ensure you never lose a piece outdoors.

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LaunchPro Outdoor Survival Kit

This US Coast Guard-approved survival kit with conveniently caters for 1 to 3 persons for 3 days out in the wilderness. With a shelf life of 5 years, this LaunchPro kit consists of a thermal blanket, portable, packed clean water, food supply, and safety tools to keep you safe in the outdoor. 

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Emergency Fire Starter Packs

Fire makes the outdoors come to life, but starting one can be a drag and very annoying, to say the least. This emergency fire starter pack is made with finely shaved magnesium shreds that will lit up easily with any lighting material. It is so bright and hot, with a burning temperature of 4000 degrees, even in wet conditions. It comes in durable zip lock bags and safe to carry in or on your backpack.

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Timberland Men Mid-Ankle Waterproof Outdoor Boots

Available in different colors, this trial-ready high-performance footwear is the best outdoor boots on the market. It comprises of 100 percent upper leather with a tough rubber sole of approximately 0.5 inches high. These full-grain leather boots have seam-stitched edges with interwoven laces and anti-rust holders. It is a unique way to keep your feet safe from the element while offering the best protection ever.

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Vont LED Outdoor Lanterns

Dark nights are not scary any more with the Vont LED portable lanterns with a lifetime warranty. These super bright, long-lasting collapsible lanterns are lightweight, waterproof, and virtually indestructible. It is made with airplane grade metal and will survive a drop of 10 meters without any broken parts. It comes with tiny LED bulbs that are lit up by batteries that last up to 30 hours.

The round design gives a 360-degree lighting view that will cut through the thickest of darkness.

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Whether you need a survival kit to stay away from civilisation or polish up your survival skills, these are ten items that will ensure you stay safe, protected, and ready for the next day. The items listed here should give you an insight into what you should pack for your next outdoor adventure, either alone or with friends.


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